Odyssey Wheels, BTM Rusting, and BB issues

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5/20/2016 5:05 PM

Getting a new back wheel and 3ride has the A+ back in stock in ontario for 359 plus 10% off and it will get here by Wednesday so I can ride again asap and its an awesome wheel it seems. Looks exactly like the birdcage rim except it doesnt have the stupid fucking angled valve stem that causes your tube to tube to bend and create a tire hop. Birdcage held up for my riding but I'm getting rid of that stupid valve angled valve stem rim. The anti gram I trust is similar to the ratchet just a bit slimmed down and it's odyssey so i'd hope they improved over their last cassette hub that was famous for skipping and being shit.My other option is order a hazard lite cassette wheel from dans comp and wait two weeks and pay a bit more because of conversion/brokerage fees and duties. Hazard lights I know will stand up to ANYTHING i throw at them but the wait plus bigger cost is making me iffy. I don't ride insanely hard but I wouldn't call me a soft rider. Just don't want to regret it because I won't be able to sell it for what I paid obviously. My LBS is also closed until tuesday for the long weekend. I've seen good things and only one bad thing about the aerospace rims from my searching threads here. I don't want to be truing my shit after every session though.

Also concerned with my trans gold BTM and the rust. I know the veins are okay but the BTM cut out is rusted pretty badly. Im going to get some steel wool to try and scrap it off. Im just noticing more rust everywhere on the frame and its kinda worrying me. I know that can't be good... I'd love to hear everyones advice and if I'm overreacting. I trust S&M completely and I take care of this thing like a baby but I was not original owner. who knows what she went through before.


Last things, my cranks don't spin... (chain off and on) I think my BB is shot or my spindle bolts too tight and squeezing my bb? I don't know honestly i'm just getting back into this shit after years off the bikes.

ME CRANKS DONT SPIN from ryan duffy on Vimeo.

Thanks in advance!

5/20/2016 6:25 PM

Most likely need another spacer on your spindle between your bearings. Good luck, it's a pain in the ass popping the bearings out without damaging them. I had to do that on my last build


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5/20/2016 10:37 PM

Yeah it sounds like you're missing the tube spacer, or its not long enough. As for the rust, get some spray lubricant like ptfe spray or something and spray that over anywhere that has rust. Where the btm cut out is, spray that stuff all over it and inside (I had the same with my old cam wood frame) just keep an eye on it and maybe get some clear coat to go over those spots to re seal it.


5/20/2016 11:47 PM

grumpySteve wrote:

Yeah it sounds like you're missing the tube spacer, or its not long enough. As for the rust, get some spray lubricant like ...more

Shitty, Oh well i gotta take it all apart to clean anyway, things filthy with dust,dirt and grime. I appreciate the advice! Has anyone had any problems with their anti gram cassette hubs? I see a lot of mixed reviews, a lot of happy people and a lot of people with problems with the driver it seems. I thought it was exactly like the ratchet except slightly slimmed down? Never had problems with my ratchet nor have I heard of anyone having problems with ratchet drivers. Pretty set on the hazard lite wheel even though it's gonna cost me 75$ more after duties and shit.


5/22/2016 5:44 AM

anyone else?


5/22/2016 7:49 AM

Chances as the anti gram will be fine. And all the bad reviews are from people that don't know what they're talking about who probably tried to strip it themselves and messed something up. Even if you have issues at least you'll be safe in the knowledge that odysseys warranty is awesome. I nearly got them a while ago, until my current wheels were given to me.


5/22/2016 10:56 AM

I would get the hazard lite because the back rim is the most abused. I'm sure the aerospace would hold up too but you will probably have to true it more often.


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5/22/2016 5:47 PM

A FRIEnd of mine has been running the aerospace I'm the rear for a good two years now and it's been doing good so I'm sure it's fine. Rode a hazard lite I'm the rear for a year and it was great. now I'm on birdcages now and they're good. Odyssey/gsport make good rims so any choice is a solid choice