Odyssey, a copycat?

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1/25/2010 4:31 PM

I love odssey products don't get me wrong but, of the eclat products that came out last year I saw that their grips were made out of an "Elastomer" rubber compound and not but a month ago odyssey comes out with their Adam banton 2 grip made with an "Olastic" rubber compound claiming that it was the first time it came out and that it is a brand new design. Maybe I the only one who noticed how Odyssey's is suspiciously similar to Eclat's grip?


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1/25/2010 4:34 PM


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1/25/2010 4:40 PM

there diff materials dude "elastomer" and "olastic".and who cares if they did its odyssey


1/25/2010 4:44 PM

It's probably the same-ish compound with slight variances. it's olastic because Odyssey made it. They aren't trying to rip off Eclat, that's like saying any PC pedal that wasn't made first doesn't count. It's just parts progression.



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1/25/2010 4:45 PM

so everyone copied redline while using chrome-moly tubing?


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1/25/2010 4:47 PM

i dont care.

did everyone odsy for a detangler


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1/25/2010 4:55 PM

Primo's new flangeless is the same design as the eclat teck.


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