Odyssey evo II brake troubles

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6/7/2015 4:47 PM

I'm having trouble with my brake springs always coming loose. No matter how tight i cinch the allen bolts down that hold the spring adjustment nuts in place.

Anyone else have this issue? I'm using the allen bolts that came with my 990 mounts, not the ones that came with the brakes because they're too long and I have nothing to cut them down with.


6/7/2015 5:08 PM

Try greasing the bolts can help tighten them right up and won't come loose due to vibration


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6/8/2015 12:59 AM

i have the same problem and im using the bolts they came with even though there too long they still work, you could even put washers before your brakes on the post might help fix it, i just thought of it then and never tried it but will do soon.


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6/8/2015 5:54 AM

Use blue Loctite on the bolt, and grease on the actual brake pivot. The grease prevents the rotation from the brake from translating to the bolt, and blue Loctite is just really tits.

Personally, I use either blue Loctite or anti-sieze on every bolt on my bike. shit was forever either getting stuck or falling off before I started doing that.