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6/17/2017 11:02 PM

So... getting into the weeds out the gate. Im old. Im 32, im fat I'm 235, and sort of tall at 6'1". I'm also a bmx dinosaur. I started riding bmx bikes in the 90s because my parents were sick of me destroying everything from Walmart. My main ride was a 99 gt performer.

Many years later I'm frothing for a new bike. Everything is different. Choices are over whelming me.

So first off, I live near danscomp, so despite any hate that's most likely where I'm going. Unless something amazing is hidden else where. Which is totally fine.

My top tube preference is 20.75 and up.
I've looked a lot at the following.
Kink liberty
Kink downside
Fiend embryo a+
Fit benny- getting outside what I want to spend.
Sunday Model C -albes
Volume Broc Raiford

And several more in that price range.
It's not as if there's a shortage exactly.
But I can't find reviews, not anything past team riders praising their employers.
Or haters responding with "shits lame".

So I guess I'm just looking for some direction. Im only interested in the highest quality parts between 500-600$

Any recommendations are appreciated.


6/18/2017 12:14 AM

Every bike in a given price range will be very similar regarding quality. One may come with a better back wheel but worse front wheel than another. But you might be able to find a better bike on sale.
Buying a used custom build is always a good thing to look at too. You could probably get a $1000 bike for $300.

At your height, I'd definitely recommend 21" + for the toptube length!

What kind of riding are you planning on doing? At your age (coming from another old guy) I'd recommend something with a slightly longer chainstay. It's closer to what we used to ride back in the day, and the stability is helpful. Maybe a bike that's aimed more at trails than street, even if you ride street


6/18/2017 1:33 AM

The new Volume Transit has a 21" toptube and it has a ton of good parts and is pretty in right now . Maybe think of that ? Or any WTP bike is good .


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6/18/2017 5:27 AM

I did see some wtp bikes that look really nice, and both volume bikes I saw are good too.

Type of riding, well I'm a tad spontaneous. Your point you made with similar quality is exactly why I'm here. If there's a bike that is solid but it wouldn't kill me to swap the sprocket on when I get it that's invaluable info. I know I'm gonna ask a lot out of my bike, I know I'm gonna break it and replace parts. So it's more which one has the best reputation for abuse. Any replacements i make will probably be with bsd or odysse from what I've read. Or solid. Because of their superior quality. Unless there's better.

I really like that sunday model c, I plan on getting that sometime as well.


6/18/2017 5:30 AM

I'd love to pick up a used custom. My local Craig'slist hasn't done me any favors so I'm gonna hit up eBay, unless you know better places to look.


6/18/2017 6:03 AM

zkzk wrote:

I'd love to pick up a used custom. My local Craig'slist hasn't done me any favors so I'm gonna hit up eBay, unless you know ...more

Try having a look on Facebook, there might be a buy/sell group near you. Round here I could legitimately get a £1000 bike for about £200. Loads of kids spend a couple of years riding and building a good bike, then quit as soon as they learn to drive or are old enough to get in pubs!


6/18/2017 7:13 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/18/2017 7:17 AM

another old guy here (48). Started riding in the 70's and 80's, and then was out of it until about 6 years ago due to life/money/schedule issues. I am also previously big (305lbs, now down to 200). I lost much of the weight due to riding and diet change. All of the advice so far is great. Here is my suggestions as well as someone who got back into it and was overwhelmed with the change:

Things to look for in a BMX bike:
All of the skeletal structure that is going to bear weight should be full chromoly:
full frame -> front triangle(TT, DT, ST) AND seat stay and chainstay....full Chromoly
fork: both the steering tube and the legs...full Chromoly
the handle bars...full Chromoly
the crank arms and pedal axels....full Chromoly

Rims should be welded double walled for sure
Sealed bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket

For me, these are the MOST important things to look for to give you the best return on your investment. Every thing after this is “eye candy” to me at least.

After structure, geometry is the next most important thing.

As grumpysteve mentioned, you might want to get a bike that is close to the geo that you were used to riding ,no matter what style you are going to ride now. I currently ride park mostly, but am looking to get a bike with older school geo (74 HTA, 13.5-14 chanistay). I am currently using my old 1988 Mongoose Californian Pro cause it is all I have. It is definitely too small, but it still works for what I am doing right now...which is relearning the basics.

As many have mentioned, at any given price point, a complete bike is going to be the same from company to company for the most part. Like you, I have found no "gems" on Craigs or any other used market in 2 years. I HAVE come across many "polished turds"...

but realize that in order to make a "wise investment" you might have to up the budget a bit. At least for me, I would rather pay a bit more one time for a bike with a solid skeleton, than small amounts many times as frames break and bend. Parts are always going to wear out, and then you replace them with a better part, but I feel that you can't skimp on a solid frame and fork...

For "bang for the buck"I would suggest checking out:
Colony Inception
Hoffman 'Bama
Kink Liberty

I also like WeThePeople stuff as well.

Personally I am saving for a Verde Luxe.

...and don't let age or weight keep you from riding!! Saturday night was the first ride for me after a heart attack a month ago! It was one of the best rides of my life even tho it was mellow because I was doing it! Funny that our local parks there are as many old guys riding as there are young, especially on BMX.


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6/18/2017 8:05 AM

I wish we had some park out here. You'd think with a place like dans comp out here we'd have trails and parks and all that. We have a dirt track you gotta pay dues on that's it.

The sexton liberty looks pretty solid. Chromoly everywhere like you said.
The verde luxe looks awesome, so does the wtp envy. Which I'd get but I'm too impatient to wait a month to buy a bike.


6/19/2017 8:46 AM

If you want the Best COMPLETE bike i would highly suggest this bike and the reason is Lifetime warranty on the frame ,fork and cranks. Break those parts get a new one free! This bike is loaded with top quality parts.


i know you want oldschool? So i cant help as im young , i do know haro remade a haro from the late 80s and a dave mirra bike also cameout ,those might suit you really well however you will pay around 800 ~ 1,000+$$

haro remade the classic 1987 and here it is. This bike is actully really a showpiece in my opinion.


here is the dave mirra 2017 remake


in your price range I bought and currently ride a wethepeople crysis 2017 -100 % full chromoly and fully sealed. wtp also own eclat and salt. its a nice bike for the price, Also its german engineering, german engineering = #1 in the world.

Cant really help much for old school,sorry.


6/19/2017 8:58 AM

that Sunday is pretty sweet. The lifetime warranty is cool too...

and the Haro is sweet!! I don't think the originals even looked that "finished" and clean. Lots of detail there


I've Got sXe!!!
Up The Antix/Up The Punx
1988 Mongoose Caifornian Pro
2015 Surly Krampus

"Running Is dumb" - Dave Lawrence

6/19/2017 12:17 PM

The new Kink Hamlin is pretty dope with the camo frame


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6/19/2017 1:02 PM

I'm 31, 260, and chunky.

Unless you are bones and chub, you are not fat. I would LOVE to get back to that weight. But junk food is too tasty.


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6/21/2017 9:14 AM

Some of the new kinks do look bad ass. The sxton caught my eye along with the downside. The mirra is prettt cool too.