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11/9/2015 4:39 PM

I'm pretty sure everyone has been there, One day you're landing everything first try and it all feels beautiful but then another day comes and you can't land anything and when you try it goes to hell.

I can't really hone in on what causes this problem, but I'd like to know what you guys think causes the On/Off days?

How often do you have the good days of riding? For me it's real consistent. As long as I pace myself and don't get hurt like jamming my fingers in barspins or my feet being ruined by consistent bails, everything stays pretty fluid. But some days, i think if I take ibuprofen for some odd reason it makes everything shit. I get real groggy feeling when I ride, some think i'm being stupid about it, but i swear it does.


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11/9/2015 4:41 PM

Been having off days latley , been riding my secret indoor mini it's been fun but can't do anything big on it so I get kinda bored of it fast , but it is the off winter season in Canada so it's nice to have a spot to ride when I do feel like riding , going out for a ride right now but I'm super not motivated , just going to chill


11/9/2015 4:45 PM

I'm on probably 60-75% of days but when I'm off I'm OFF. Tends to happen when I have a lot on my mind. I start to overthink everything and try too hard


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11/9/2015 5:31 PM

For the past 4 months, I've been trying to figure out what I'm doing different on those "off days", whether it is the amount of sleep I got, or what I've eaten. I still can't pinpoint why some days I just suck, but yeah, it happens to all of us.


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11/9/2015 8:23 PM

Negitivity of people around me or people pressuring me to do something i don't want to really throw off my riding. That's why i like to ride alone more. Sometimes i leave the house feeling good but when i get to a spot everyone is just smoking weed and being stupid and then they yell obnoxious things and it just makes me want to not ride, sometimes i just leave. "On" days just have to happen, you can't force em. For me, riding with one or two other people and not putting any pressure on myself to try anything crazy and that is usually when i film my best clips and have the most fun.


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11/9/2015 10:16 PM

Any chance I get to get out and pedal is a good day anymore. My interest in doing tricks is pretty minimal so it's really hard to have an off day. Sure, I don't ride anywhere near the level I used to but, it's all good with me.

When I was younger I'd generally start out at one of our staple warm-up/jib spots and have at it. From there we'd move on to bigger/better spots but if it wasn't working out or I wasn't really feeling it at that point I'd just kick back and hang out, no sense in forcing anything.

If it was the crew we were with that was getting to me I boogied out, simple as that. You're not always going to mesh with everyone, you can be the chillest person on the planet and you're going to come across somebody that rubs you the wrong way. Such is life.

Stepping away from it for a bit or even just taking it back to basics and cruising around hopping curbs is probably your best bet. Progression is great just remember why you started riding in the first place.


11/10/2015 2:04 AM

I tend to push myself to ride when I've got time to, even if I'm not in the mood. So most of my day's are off days now. If I have a good day it usually comes as a surprise. Either way, I find I ride better if the opportunity is unexpected, like if I finish work early and go straight out for a ride. On my days off I'd rather sit around in my pants all day. I'm the same with everything though, I like to do stuff in my own time otherwise it just bugs me


11/10/2015 7:01 AM

I ride 3-5 times a month, so I am fortunate to be "on" for the bulk of that, but I only ride an hour or two at a time because of other responsibilities.

Also I don't really do anything too crazy anymore.


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11/10/2015 12:46 PM

It's always and "Off" day for me ever since i started riding.

Or maybe i just suck. lol.

Or it's an "On" day on the first hour, then an "Off" day for the rest of the day.

Should have just quit after an hour so i can say i had an "On" day. lol


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