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10/22/2013 1:24 PM

Name 3 companies you hate
Name 3 companies you love

Give a short explanation on why you love them.


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10/22/2013 1:28 PM

FBM - always done cool shit
Solid - pioneers
Standard - OG

Total - Park rat trendy shit, despise the parts and the cunts that ride them
Colony - Overpriced
G-Sport - Over rated.


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10/22/2013 1:38 PM

S&M - Reliable products, legit.
Odyssey - Still making stuff after all these years.
BoneDeth - Their stuff is good and there team is stacked.

Premium - Everything seems very generic and over priced.
Hyper - Nothing they have seems very good (I'm most likely wrong)
DK - (No hate on Brett) Every thing seems so walmarty


I'm gonna need bigger bars

10/22/2013 1:42 PM


Animal - everything about them
Eclat - they care about quality & design and bmx in general.
Wethepeople - they are innovative & make solid parts.


All the cheap ass companies that are only in the industry to make money, and don't care about the riders or bmx.


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10/22/2013 2:43 PM


There's a lot i dislike i'll list them

Black eye
Vein companies
Budget companies


10/22/2013 3:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/22/2013 4:33 PM


S&M. FBM-American made
odyssey- strong parts with lifetime warranty who wouldn't like that
Bonedeth, BSD, Animal-their parts are strong and good teams


Subrosa, Verde, stolen, volume- I don't know why just always have
Premium-overpriced crap for kids who want to blow kerley
fly-their newer parts always seem to break

cult- they seem to be getting their shit together, pretty much all their new parts look legit


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10/22/2013 4:09 PM



-Sunday: Strongest frames in the game right now, amazing warranty (although kinda slow in my past experiences), super strong parts, lifetime guarantee.
-Primo: Good warranty, created the Mix cassette, pretty good parts
-Animal: Beefy parts, their v3 sprocket is thick. I don't see myself ever breaking it haha


-Shadow: Broke too many parts of their parts & their warranty department was absolute shit for me.
-Premium: Too generic and the "Let's put Chad Kerley's name on this stuff so it'll sell better!" Logic is retarded. They don't do anything special really.
-Profile: Way overpriced & overrated, don't even get me started on a rant about them. Fuck them.


10/22/2013 4:18 PM


Mongoose, recently putting out nice bikes. That 540 in Wal-Mart, it has a standard headset, three piece cranks, and yeah it is hi-ten steel but this bike is PERFECT for a beginner. I mean, sire there is 3/8 hubs on the rear, but a quartet hub wont hurt.
Shadow conspiracy, looks nice and is mid range quality with mid range price.
GT, the most underrated bmx co. Of all time. Best bangfor buck. PERIOD.


Verde, poses as a top quality brand but sucks penis.
Dk, mongooses in the same price range are better.
Box racing components, cost a shitload more than it should.


10/22/2013 4:59 PM


S&M, Eclat, Sunday, Odyssey, and Merritt.


Fly, Hyper, Stolen (because of their shitty tires), and Amber (I hate their hubs, other than that they're good).


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10/22/2013 5:03 PM

all the good ones

all the bad ones



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10/22/2013 5:54 PM

I want to list these 3 categories, I do not really dislike or hate companies, I just ride bikes to have fun.

1. Amber BMX Products
-Sprocket..... I rode the 28 tooth Amber Sage and it was fucking JESUS for a 6061 Alloy sprocket.
-Cranks..... I rode the Sepher Cranks, which are a POST WELD HEAT TREATED 3 piece 8 spline crank, and cost me 40 bucks to ship to my place here in Portland Oregon, seriously one of the best “value” or “budget” cranks out there.
-Pedals..... Basic Plastics, good solid pedals, the worked just fine and had great grip.
-Chain..... Half Link, the second best half link I’ve owned (second best because it is not very thick).
-Bottom Bracket..... Mid 19mm, sooooo smooth.
-Headset..... Just like the Bottom Bracket, butter as FUCK.
-Stem..... Top Load Stem, don’t remember which exact one but it was pretty damn good, never slipped, kinda scared me at first with how much it stretched over the steerer tube of my fork when I first tightened it down.

2.Colony Products (some of them)
-Grips..... The Much Rooms lasted me a good 6 months before they just died out on me, comfy and does not get too sweaty.
-Tires..... The Agenda 2.15 non folding tires work great, they have really good grip and just feel solid all around.

3. The Shadow Conspiracy
-Tires..... Undertaker 2.25’s amazing tires, love them so much, although the next set I want to get are the Strada’s.
-Chain..... Interlock v2’s are some of the best half link chains I’ve owned, the number 1 chain over the Amber Half Link.
-Grips..... I’ve ran the 13 grips multiple times, and have always loved them.
-Bars..... 8.5” Vultus Bars, great, solid bars, kind of spendy though compared to most other bars you could find now.
-Stem..... Strike Top Load, and Attack Front Load both in Olive Green, solid stems, I want to try the ravager now.

1. Fit Bike Co.
-Tires..... 2.10 FAFs have lasted me so long now, I’m finally on my last one since about 2 coming onto 3 years now.

2. Odyssey BMX
-Tires..... Path 2.10’s they are alright, have not rode a ton of parts from them.

3. Animal Bikes
-Tires..... TWW’s and GLH’s, great tires, fat, they ride smooth.
-Grips..... Edwin’s, only ones they make, but they are pretty nice.
-Seat..... OG Kush Seat, it looks kind of weird, but really is pretty damn comfy
-Seat Clamp..... The aluminum one, not the new chromoly one

4. Fiction BMX
-Bars..... 8.65 Troops, solid bars for the price, heat treated bars for 35 bucks, can’t really beat that.

-Meh (no explanation)
1. DK Bicycles
2. Premium Products
3. Haro Bikes
4. Total BMX
5. Mirraco Bikes
6. Eastern Bikes
7. Cult BMX
8. and many more that I can’t remember the name of....


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10/22/2013 7:31 PM

Profile: Overpriced and a park or trails only hubs and parts. They just don't seem to last to long if you ride hard or with pegs but i can see where they would come in handy with the almost instant engagement.
Colony: Way over rated. they have to make the worst parts in my eyes. The frames bend easily I bought bull bars and gave them front sweep and best friend snapped his frame the other day doing a 180 down a 3 foot drop which shouldn't be big enough at all to snap a frame. Only thing i can see that they are good for is little kids and weight whores.
and i don't know my last one.

G-Sport: Make the best hubs of all time in my eyes. george french really makes them to perfection at every point. Only sad thing is the leave of 48H hubs. They also have a great team and fun to watch
Sun: The rims will always be on my bike as long as i'm riding. The team is the best in my eyes and the big city rims are one of legend.
Primo: The cranks are the one thing that stands out in my eyes. just how strong and perfectly made they were. And josh stricker and Tony Neyer on the team you cant go wrong.
Guerra: They make the one frames i would always trust. bought the new moose frame and waiting for it in the mail. Nice videos too


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10/22/2013 7:38 PM

I like walmart fuck the rest.


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10/23/2013 4:35 AM


And I cant think of the other.


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10/23/2013 9:15 AM


shadow -everything is different and they make many models of everything everything so you have a choice instead of one model .

primo - they make solid parts with innovative design and a great warranty. (a but pricey but worth it)

fit - value as well as craftsmanship they make amazing parts that don't break the wallet. also have a great warranty.


cult - aside from me not liking the geo on there frames (personal pref.) i've had and seen so many of there parts snap and fail, also they've become a bandwagon brand it seems like.

eastern - does this one need an explanation? i've broken more eastern than cult. (but my birectional hub is innovative as well as bulletproof so thanks for one good product)

profile - wayyyyyyy overpriced.

on the fence:

stolen - cheap price tag with some nice parts that do hold up well and have nice designs but as well it's no secret some of there parts will land you in the hospital.

premium - love haro and the guttershark is an amazing frame but 200 for a stinger hub?? they have great parts but lack a variety and the pricing could use some help

honorable mention:

demolition!!! -almost beat out shadow for mary kate hub is 5 years old and spins better than most brand new hubs, my bulimia is a 45 dollar hub and is smoother than my buddys new profiles..great parts as well as prices



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10/23/2013 9:40 AM




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10/23/2013 11:15 AM

I like to ride decent parts, regardless of the company. Most companies will have at one point made a good part and a bad part; for example
Good parts from 'bad' companies:
Stolen Teams
Stolen Legion Frame
Guerra Moose Frame
Premium Slim Pedals

Bad Parts from 'good' companies:
Shadow Torrid Cranks
Original Federal Washington Frames
Odyssey V3
Demoliton Anorexia

Also, plenty of cheaper parts that are considered bad by some are some of the best in the price range.


10/23/2013 4:18 PM

(I like alot more though , just top of my head)

Don't really hate much. just dislikes but w.e


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10/23/2013 4:41 PM

Didn't mind premium until chad became a huge part with them. They became gay as fuck with his bullshit frame. Its the most ugliest generic frame. And its wayy over fucking priced. You can get a Fit Marv for like $220 and is wayyy better.


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10/24/2013 2:03 AM

profile do my head in coz 99% of the time theyre just bringing out different colour ways for the same old hubs.
Cant think of many i dislike tbh....

I think eastern are defo making a comeback. the new josh perry frame looks sweeeeeeet and beefy as fuck. tell me you'd break that frame. 8mm dropouts!!!

Cult are getting their shittogether, making theyre own products instead of generic stuff.

Eclat & wtp are awesome, alwaays designing.


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