Opinion on fiend varanyak frame

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4/25/2018 10:36 AM

I just got a new fiend varanyak 20.5 frame and sk far i love it, but im afraid its gonna break. i wanna be able to ride this frame for a good year or two at least without any issues. Have an S&M stem/bars and merrit drivatrain (pedals,cranks,sprocket,chain) and federal stance wheels. anyone ridden this frame? any opinions on the setup?


4/25/2018 10:54 AM

Unless you’re doing constant roof drops, your frame is not going to break. They’re designed to be ridden hard.


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4/25/2018 11:03 AM

Don’t jump off any curbs or anything like that you might snap it in half


4/25/2018 11:22 AM

Stop being a Pusey, Sam.


4/25/2018 11:26 AM

Bit late to ask if you already have it XD


4/25/2018 1:51 PM

jbales wrote:

Stop being a Pusey, Sam.

Holy shit I fucking diedlaughinglaughing


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4/26/2018 6:37 AM

>federal stance wheels


That's my opinion.

Youre not breaking that frame


4/26/2018 7:45 AM

These bikes are made of the same tubing as airplanes and roll cages and shit- light and strong.


4/26/2018 9:16 AM

It’s good . There’s a V2 coming out shortly with a higher standover , and a sick purple colour. Wait for that !


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