Oposite barspins

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10/20/2013 10:33 AM

Is it possible to be just as comfortable with oposite barspins as regular barspins, i was told i should relearn them because i throw to my backfoot


10/20/2013 10:56 AM

If you practice it I'm sure you can get used to it but I don't know much about barspins.


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10/20/2013 11:10 AM

yes im left foot forward and throw right handed. I think thats opposite? who knows/cares just throw them.


10/20/2013 11:45 AM

If you ever plan on learning 180 bars or truckdrivers it would be easier to learn to throw them into your front foot, or you could just learn oppo spins or do what I'm doing and learn to spin both ways and throw the bars both ways.

The way you naturally wanna throw them is always going to feel more comfortable but that's not to say you won't be able to get comfortable throwing them the opposite way either.

What I've noticed is the way I naturally want to throw them (LFF 2 backfoot) its easier to actually sling the bars yet the other way its kind of more comfortable to busdriver them around not sure why, but whatever works.


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10/20/2013 5:36 PM

Whatever , do whats comfortable. It shouldn't matter , do it how you like.

and if you do throw oppo bars (I too am LFF and throw to back foot) in a game of bike set an "oppo bar" and screw everyone LOL


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