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7/4/2013 12:07 PM

As many of you know street bmx can be a struggle. Always getting kicked out of places, people yell at us, etc. It seems as the bmx as a whole is hated on by the people. So my question is where do we go? Well I'm bringing an opportunity to you guys to make this thing happen. My dad knows people, and what we need is some feedback. If I can get a bunch of people to comment and tell me what you think, it would be greatly appreciated. I need you guys to make this happen. Please support me in the comments so we can open a huge park! Please tell all your friends that ride, bmx peeps or not, it doesn't matter, we just need support here. If this happens it will be the craziest park in Florida.

We're looking into buying a huge property! The park will have a shop, restaurant, and parks inside of your choice to ride. &.. Best of all.. Welcome to all bmx people! Time to show your love for the bmx community and show your support!
Thanks guys, Derrick.

I have a Facebook page here, could you please go to it and drop a like and post your feedback. If I get a lot of likes I can open up a new skatepark in Tampa, Fl. Even if you don't live here it'd be nice for you to drop a like and show your love for bmx.

I just need enough people to support me so I can pitch it to my Dads friend so we can open it up.