Pain/Bars/Stem question.

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4/12/2014 7:17 PM

Probably been asked 300 times but anyway

Soreness on the inner elbow, the soft spot where the arm bends below biceps. Both arms. It fucking sucks. No back pain, no shoulder issues. Bike feels perfect otherwise.

Stem height issue? Bar size issue?

I'm 5"11
Using uncut S&M Fatheads. 8.5 rise.
Was using Benny L Stem with a 1/2 inch spacer and a 1/4 spacer underneath.

Anyone who can shed some light, I appreciate it. I just bought an S&M enduro 52mm, I'm hoping it will help this annoying problem although I'm not a big fan of toploads but yeah, csb.


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4/12/2014 7:53 PM

I'm not sure what your problem is but I know that the Enduro stem is amazing! I've had it since July and it's never slipped on me!


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