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4/20/2015 1:08 AM

I have ODSY R32 forks and was wondering if it would work if I sanded them down and sprayed them black. Thanks!


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4/20/2015 7:52 AM

there is literally no reason why that wouldn't work. If you sand em you will start from raw


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4/20/2015 8:19 AM

Chrome is plated, so you would have to do a LOT of sanding.

I would put a sticker down (one that is cut out letters that are on their own) and then spray the fork, clear it up, and then peel the sticker off for a cool effect.


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4/20/2015 12:36 PM

I think trading your chrome forks for black ones is a good idea. Lots o people want chrome rather than black me thinkss


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4/20/2015 8:16 PM

good luck sanding chrome off.


4/20/2015 8:49 PM

I suggest you trade those forks for a black one, rather than sanding it down. Trust me, I tried and it's hard even if it is flaking.


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