People who look weird on their bikes

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9/22/2013 11:33 AM

I was watching OSS DNVR NUGS and I realized Alex Platt looks too big for his bike. There are tall guys who look at home on their bikes. He is not one of them. Who else looks weird on a bike? Obviously it's their bike and they can run whatever TT length and bar height they want, but...
Jourdan Barba looks kinda small for his
Same with Alex Raban
If you watch old CK videos, his bike is kinda huge, but it makes sense since he's like 15-16.
Who else?


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9/22/2013 4:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/22/2013 6:00 PM

I think i look weird on my bike but really only when i sit down i look huge on it


Murica bike check
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9/22/2013 4:56 PM

There is a kid a my park with P10's and about 20mm in spacers and a cult salvation stem. -_-
He is at most 5'4. haha. It looks hilarious. BUT he can bar. haha.


9/22/2013 5:27 PM

I think most people look bad / have bad style tbh... There is a small fraction of people who look great, and the rest look awkward or just unaesthetic.

To me, it's all about how your body moves in comparison to the bike.

I think Aitken, Homan, Taj, etc look great, and most other pros I dont even enjoy watching tbh... I dont care if a guy gaps twenty steps then feebles a rail, if he looks ugly doing it I dont enjoy watching it. Maybe I am superficial in this regard? Dunno...