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2/11/2014 5:44 AM

Are there any parts that you originally thought was stupid or useless or only meant for a specific thing that is now coming into the main stream? the obvious example would be freecoasters. They always seemed like they would only be for flatland and now everybody and their mother has one. another example. Tall bars were only for tall people.


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2/11/2014 5:46 AM

I was thinking on freecoaster as well.




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2/11/2014 7:05 AM

Pegs goes along a similar line. When they first came out they were for flatland. I think many people thought that toploader stems were for trail bikes.


2/11/2014 8:42 AM

Now lots of people ride tall bars, freecoasters, pegs, and topload stems.


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2/11/2014 8:52 AM

At first i was really skeptical of plastic pegs, i didnt think that they would slide all that much better than metal and where overpriced, but then i tried them and my mind was changed.