Pete Sawyer WTP edit..

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7/25/2014 6:11 PM

lets just all take a minute from arguing with eachother and appreciate this amazing riding AND filming..


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7/25/2014 6:18 PM

Great stuff.


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7/25/2014 8:00 PM

shit was fresh. thanks for posting it! Been a while since I've watched anything.. think I'm gonna go crazy watching videos tonight.


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7/25/2014 8:05 PM

first his vans edit now this one...hes been on fire lately


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7/25/2014 9:17 PM

I can't get enough of his riding. Also, does this mean his frame is available now? It's been on the WTP website for a bit now but I haven't been sure


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7/25/2014 9:22 PM

it was a nice edit - riding and filming wise.....but what's with the short shorts at 1:33


7/25/2014 9:26 PM

if i became pro this would be my ideal style


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7/25/2014 10:59 PM

Good video, but i was expecting more fakie stuff since he's running a coaster.

Or maybe i watch too many Bruce Crisman videos


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7/25/2014 11:28 PM

lol bruce crisman is amazing though so i dont blame you


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7/26/2014 12:00 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/26/2014 12:01 AM

That was a sick vid but them short shorts tho!?! There's no need for that.


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7/26/2014 6:43 PM

After seeing that a couple days ago I looked for more from him and everything I saw was straight fire!! His merritt edit was sick too..def lookin forward to seeing alot more of this guy


7/26/2014 6:54 PM

Pretty solid over all. There were a few places where he threw an extra trick in that I personally think would've looked better with nothing and kept it a little clean and simpler. But overall, not too shabby at all. Especially compared to a lot of street videos today.


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