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10/6/2016 12:34 PM

So I injured my knee , doctor said I tore the muscles in it , just chilling eating a pizza sub at subway got my first physio therapy appointment in an hour , any riders have any similar injuries that required physio to fix it ? How long did and many appointments did it take you to notice a difference and how long did you end up going to them till you where back 100 % ready to ride ?


10/6/2016 1:04 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/6/2016 1:04 PM

I did physio for a separated shoulder and it was really good.

They taught me some exercises to do to strengthen it and that's really what helped. Took a couple months to get my should back to strength again though.


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10/6/2016 1:27 PM

I tore my ACL years ago and had PT for awhile after surgery. The first couple visits were hell since I was only like a week post-op. But it got better & better as my visits went. It wasn't bad at all, just do as you're instructed and you'll be better in no time.

ACLs take 6 months to heal so that's how long it took me to get back to 100%, but I felt almost 100% when I wasn't on my bike after about 1 & a half - 2 months. Idk how bad your knee is though


10/6/2016 3:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/6/2016 3:48 PM

When I first seen a doctor I thought it was ligaments , the physio therapist told me today it's the muscle in my knee that stabilizes everything that's torn and a sac in my knee burst , he said a bunch of technical terms , but instead of all that healing I guess a big cyst formed in their place , did an intense massage to burst that cyst then did ultrasound therapy on it to disperse it , going to start with going their twice a week for a month and he gave me excersizes to do daily , he told me the only people he's seen with this specific damage where car accident victims , but it was a chill place and snows coming soon so I'm going to have 7 months or so to get training and ready to ride next spring , I've got a free gym and my work so I plan on taking advantage of it


10/6/2016 4:59 PM

I've been dealing with a torn labrum muscle in my shoulder for the past couple months. I have my third PT appointment tomorrow. The exercises i've been doing had been helping but the past few days it's been in too much pain for me to even do the exercises. I wish i had just broked a bone, atleast that would've actually healed.


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10/6/2016 6:33 PM

what ever they say to it.

I tore my rotator cuff and some other stuff in my shoulder playing hockey, and could not afford the PT (or even the hospital visit....yay American Healthcareangry ) and it has never been the same. Took about 6 months to be able to even use it, and 3 years later still don't have full range of motion.

Now that I have coverage I might go see what they can do, but everyone has told me that since it has healed back the way it is, there is not much to do...

from what I understand, muscle repairs the "fastest" of all the tissue, so just keep on the PT


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10/7/2016 8:44 AM

I plan on taking full advantage or it , its costing me 35 bucks a session and when I'm done I send the receipt to my work and they pay me for doing it