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1/15/2017 7:47 AM

I need every tiny bit of info about this specific Haro bike. Anything and everything. Please and thank you. I can upload more pictures if needed.


1/15/2017 8:16 AM

If you want to ride seriously i would look for another one. This one is for young lads who go to the next skatepark and ask you if you can backflip or you got any games on your phone. Whats the price doe?


1/18/2017 2:58 PM

It has front and rear 14mm axles.

It has a large sprocket (maybe 39t??)

It has a rear brake detangler.

It has a seat designed for knee-pinching barspins.

All that tells me it's from the early/mid 2000's. I would guess 2003.


1/18/2017 3:05 PM

ride it!!!!


It’s all bmx