Power coating rims

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1/22/2020 4:24 PM

Black Swamp Ghost wrote:

Real powder coat laughs at most paint strippers and most chemicals.. It's not a paint like enamel or laquer, more like a plastic coating/powder, baked, and melted on.

The only way to take off real powder coat is blasting, sanding, acid dipping..

Nothing really likes to stick to aluminum generally speaking.. Even powder coated aluminum chips easier and bigger chipps than steel or molly coated the same.

Anodized aluminum can be easy or tough to remove the anodized coating with oven cleaner, depending on the molecular depth of the coating. I've tried some parts that only got lighter in color and not straight raw with that process. Anodizing is tough, for real...

Just my experiences, restoring you name it...

I took some easy-off to an Odyssey seat post the other day and it took a solid 3+ hours to strip it all the way through.