Premium la vida bmx 2018

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10/21/2018 9:03 AM

Jist saw this bike on sourcebmx. Fits my price range and also features full chromoly frame, fork, handlebars. I feel like its too good to be true. Can ya'll help me check it out and tell me if it's really worth? (colour is pretty lame tho but i don't mind)


10/21/2018 10:16 AM

It's just on sale because it's last years model. Seems pretty nice to me.

La Vida


10/21/2018 10:18 AM

Looks like there's only 2 left.


10/21/2018 8:23 PM

Looks like a nice bike!


10/22/2018 4:07 AM

Bike looks good, man. Btw, I actually like that indigo colour with all black parts n gum wall tires. Maybe it will grow on you once you get it


10/22/2018 5:35 AM

Yeah I agree with Cakewolf, I like the colours.


10/22/2018 5:42 AM

Scoop it up.


10/22/2018 5:49 AM

I had the 2015 Premium Solo in metallic blue. The color is actually really nice in person


10/22/2018 7:42 AM

Yeah, I forgot to mention, I like the colour. It doesn't look like everything else.