Primo Balance 7005 rim?!?!

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4/27/2013 12:01 AM

I just bought the complete rear primo remix wheel and, I wanna know how well is the Balance going to hold up for me , Im a mainly street rider, I do park sometimes and some trails and I wanna know if it can hold up for everything im doing, I don't land crazy smooth but kinda hard, so is this rim good for me?


4/27/2013 12:09 AM

Yeah it should be fine. They are one of the strongest Rims on the Market to be honest, only really Ribcages, Rollcages, 7-KAs and Hazard Lites are stronger.


4/27/2013 12:21 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/27/2013 12:25 AM

Having owned a 48h 7005 balance for five years, I can say it held up very well. Ran it on the rear and rode the fuck out of it. I ride mainly street as well and my style consists of plenty of drops, gaps and slams. I remember blowing out my tire trying to hop up a five. A small segment of the walls were folded a bit inward. I bent them back with pliers and got four more years out of it. It began to crack on me a few months back. I have since replaced it with a ribcage. The mother fucker gave me more than it's money's worth though.

The balance rim seems like it might not hold up well, considering how light they are, but if you keep your shit trued right it'll last. Ride it for a while and see how it holds up. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm guessing you'll be using a 36h right? I ran one up front for pretty much the same duration as well.


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4/27/2013 12:55 AM

I'm getting the primo balance 7005 rim,

They are tuff, built to withstand intense bangers, of course everything has a weak point but it's just under G-sport, Odyssey and in between fly rims.


4/27/2013 3:25 PM

Alright Thanks, I feel a million times better about my buy, I just got worried cause so many people say the crack or brake , and yeah , so it got me really worried. but these posts helped me alot and gave me more confidants about it smile