Primo VS 7005

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5/28/2014 3:24 PM

So i saw this offert in evanscycles, were primo vs 7005 rims are being sold for 47euro, which is pretty cheap, in black and chrome. Was wondering if they are worth, since i have been looking to upgrade my cinema 777 since they are not holding too good....... Are them any better?
I have been doing some research but i always come up with the balance, and i believe that the vs rim is better than the balance....




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5/28/2014 3:29 PM

Yeah, it should be a nice rim. Idk how it compares to 777 rims though.


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5/28/2014 4:16 PM

Haven't heard the best of them, nothing too horrible though. Alot of seem splits and spokes pulling through, but that could easily be user error or factory defect. If its a steal, go for it. I wouldn't pay retail though. Doesn't seem that special.


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5/28/2014 4:38 PM

its basically the play off mix between the Balance and the Hollahoop. pretty good rim I would buy one if i had a choice between that and most rims. get it for sure if you can get them cheap.


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5/28/2014 4:43 PM

What's wrong with your 777s matey, mine seem to be holding up pretty good?


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5/29/2014 2:39 AM

my friend had em on his bike. it held up just fine while he had em front and back


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5/29/2014 5:42 AM

Its a good rim, i have one on my rear wheel and it feels solid


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5/29/2014 8:24 AM

Yeah, the VS.