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9/1/2015 10:44 PM

So its almost been a year since ive owned the freemix, had to replace some bearings several months ago and it ran great till today, i saw that i needed to adjust my chain so i went got it nice and tight, as soon i started riding it felt completely off like the hub got hard to pedal almost, and then i started not being able to pedal at all, and then it would work for a while and then start it again, i went home took it apart, and saw nothing out of the norm, no metal shavings either, so i figured maybe it just needs to be lubed again, did that and it ran great for a couple hours, then i tried some feeble hard 180s and then it came back again, is it just time for a new hub? Or is this somehow possible to fix, and from where im from bike shops dont know shit bout bmx let alone a freecoaster


9/1/2015 11:30 PM

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9/2/2015 1:52 AM

Maybe contact Primo about it and tell them what you said and see what they say to do about it


9/2/2015 6:04 AM

Check the clutch ring and see if there is wear markings on it?


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9/2/2015 9:31 AM

Make sure the clutch is properly greased and not worn. Another thing that comes to mind is that your axle could be bent around the clutch area?


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9/2/2015 10:02 AM

Sounds like the clutch is actually stuck in the hub and not engaging, it can happen when they run dry


9/2/2015 4:24 PM

Have a feel inside the clutch and see if the ball springs have worn a groove. Usually when a FC hub wont enagage its because the resistance mechanism isnt offering enough resistance...


9/3/2015 12:27 PM

thx guys i pull it apart tonight again and take a look, ill post some pics of it if i cant find anything