Primo hub problems

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3/17/2016 3:47 PM

Basically my cassette (don't know what model) makes a low grinding noise when wheeling/ riding, and also clicks once every wheel turn and is consistent. The back end now rattles a lot when jumping onto/ off stuff, which didn't happen when I had my coaster on. I feel like the hub may be just loose in some way, but it is secured tightly into the dropouts and doesn't move, so I have no idea whats wrong with it. I know its nothing to do with the chain, cranks, bottom bracket etc, as my coaster ran like a dream, and my bike has only started to rattle after putting this wheel on. The wheel is also slightly buckled, but not enough to change the feel when riding


3/17/2016 5:04 PM

Bad bearing maybe? Bad pawls or springs? Could be bad placement of pawls/springs. Could be hardware too tight. Could be rubbing something?


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3/17/2016 5:33 PM

You can post a photo of it if you want it identified.

Check and see if the locknuts (Not the axle nuts, the nuts on the other side of the dropouts) are too tight or too loose.

Also see if the pawls & springs are still good, and check the bearings too. If you spin the axle by hand when the wheel is off and it feels catchy, then there might be a bad bearing causing the issue.


3/17/2016 5:59 PM

Could be busted bearings. When you say the wheel rattles, do you mean in a side-to-side manner? The rear wheel is wobbling? Is so, maybe it's the axle lock nuts that are a tad but loose. It won't matter how tight your bolts are on on the outside of the dropouts as the loose nuts on the inside prevent the outside bolts from fully tightening, this happened to me before.


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3/18/2016 2:40 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/18/2016 3:53 AM

Opened it up and bearings are fine, the wheel has more of a universal rattle, as in it moves side to side and up and down very slightly, and rattles when jumping off a curb or hitting a bump in the ground. It's really annoying, but maybe I need spacers for the bolts on the outside? I'll try to tighten the lock nuts a bit. If that doesn't work I'll just abandon the wheel and use my coaster till my friend gives me his profile elites :/

EDIT: Rattling of wheel is now gone, only problem now is the low grinding noise and clicking from the hub