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6/11/2014 2:31 PM

How Do You Track It?



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6/11/2014 2:40 PM



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6/11/2014 2:44 PM

USPS code from the shipper.


6/11/2014 3:18 PM

blaaaaaaaaa wrote:


this. basically you have to set up a summoning circle to access the 8th circle of hell, you then battle a homosexual minatar that wants anal sex from you (no matter what, don't have the anal sex, not only will you have pink sock, but your nose falls off and you grow rainbow horns) you kill him by chopping off his boner with hedge clippers right before he rapes you. this is where you go down the hall to the staircase that goes up after 15 stairs down, follow this to where you have to urinate in baphamets left shoe, he will get furious and beat the vision of where your package is into your head with said left shoe.


skooter... dont be a pussy

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6/11/2014 4:46 PM

You dont track it...it tracks you


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6/11/2014 9:36 PM

Wait 2 days after you order and wait at your mail or P.O. box.


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6/11/2014 9:39 PM

you don't. you can only hope an angry post office worker doesn't steal it


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