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8/13/2015 9:05 PM

So I could use a little help setting some spending priorities here. I have money to buy stuff I could use, but there's multiple things.

1. Forks n' Stem
My forks have bent dropouts, and an ovalized steertube. Pic of stem:Photo
I'd go odsy R32 and odsy hawk 02.

2. Brakes:
My brake is terrible, the spoke mod made it better, but one arm has no spring tension, and the tension adjuster is useless. Its tension is coming from the spoke mode, which is very little.
I don't know what yo go with brakes. Considering the mission cnc ones because they're pretty cheap but I'm not sure.

3. New front tire:
Current front tire is in a state of slipping constantly. I'd go knobby Aitken.

4. School shoes:
I only have a pair of fivetens, which havebeen great for riding 24/7, but not great for school and marching band, but I can still use em, just wouldn't be the best idea. Probably Asics gel lytes, Saucony Shadows, or New balance 574's. Those old school style shoes that are the comfiest shoes ever.

So I'm wondering if i should save up for the stem and fork, or pull the trigger on one of the other three, or none. I'd just like to be more responsible with my money but I'm lost, so i thought your guy's opinions would be helpful.


8/13/2015 9:08 PM

whats wrong with the proven fly rueben rampera tire


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8/13/2015 9:16 PM

JonnyGanja wrote:

whats wrong with the proven fly rueben rampera tire

Nothing. Odyssey is just lighter in the size I want and it's more aggressive. And I don't grind so sidewall strength doesn't matter.


8/13/2015 11:55 PM

In my opinion , you always want a good bike but if it's not a necessity then you can wait. If you can still kinda ride your forks , ride them . They ain't cheap , so get the most out of them before blowing 150$ on forks .

You say you're slipping out a lot , so I'd buy a new tire / tires. If you can't ride properly because of a tire when you have broken forks , that's an easy and cheaper fix and you can still ride the broken forks like I said .

And shoes are always good , keep them nice and fresh . No point riding a slip and slide if you have bad shoes and pedals . Make sure you get ones you like because you should probably get 3-4 months out of them hopefully . I just got Sk8 Highs and they feel amazing . Photo


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8/14/2015 2:46 AM

find some specials online because you might be able to get more than you think, i bourt a new back tyre the other day that was worth 75 dollars for 23 because of a really big special. i would say first get a new tyre because they only run you like 30-40 dollars, if you're forks still ride fine then ride them for a while but if there is a good special then buy some new ones. i had the same problem with my brakes they were terrible! but i just took mine off and i love my bike without brakes now even for transportation.


8/14/2015 5:43 AM

mrbmxerforlife112 wrote:

find some specials online because you might be able to get more than you think, i bourt a new back tyre the other day that was ...more

75 dollars for a tire?


8/14/2015 5:56 AM

mrbmxerforlife112 wrote:

find some specials online because you might be able to get more than you think, i bourt a new back tyre the other day that was ...more

biggybuggy wrote:

75 dollars for a tire?

yeah they are amazing though! i only have it as a rear tyre atm


8/14/2015 6:05 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/14/2015 6:22 AM

Fork: Good choice. Stem: For the most part they are similar.

2. Brakes: Honestly, most brakes work well. Why is there no spring tension? Is the srping out of the little hole or bent? I've had springs be bent before causing some issues like that. Bent em back and all was well. I have a cheap stock one in the rear and a Diatech Fiesta up front. Fiestas are a good choice for budget and quality.

3. New front tire: Go knobby if you ride dirt. If you ride street or park, you could likely go a little smoother and be fine. Our local plaza is an ice rink, and I run momentums just fine.

4. School shoes: Whatever works for ya.

Honestly, you can find some cheap shoes, or see if a parent can hook ya up on those.

I would get whatever is most necessary. Shoes sound like they are needed before parts (since your setup works and all).

PAYLESS for shoes, they are like 30 bucks.


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8/14/2015 7:48 AM

Can't go wrong with Odyssey forks or tires.

One of the locals runs the CNC Mission brakes and they work really really good.


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8/14/2015 9:27 AM

Is your stem still holding your fork in place? What about your front tire alignment IN the dropouts, is that fine? If it is, then here's what I'd do:

I'd make a tincan shim for your forks and stem.
Buy new brake springs.
Get shoes and a tire.

THEN save the dough for new forks and stem.