Pro-Tec or Bern?

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6/12/2012 3:45 PM

^^^ Looking for a helmet and i cant decide between Protec Bucky or Bern Macon helmets. Anyone know anything about these?
Bern Macon
Protec Bucky


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6/12/2012 4:22 PM

protec forsure........they rule......never heard of bern macon.....sounds like it should be mern bacon


6/12/2012 4:23 PM

haha get the bern, cute little visor and all!


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6/12/2012 4:25 PM

I'd get the Pro-Tec Classic.


6/12/2012 4:32 PM

Bern bacon? I dont like my bacon burnt..

Protec man protec


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6/12/2012 7:05 PM

get a bern they stay cool but either helmet is good


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