Profile Elites Laced to Kink Atlas Rims.

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10/19/2014 1:54 PM

I happened to pass this by on Ebay and saw it was 400 for the wheel set. Do Elites hold up fairly nice? I know that maintenance is crucial on any hub and I would definitely do it on this hub (The rear mainly). Are Elites really that worth it?


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10/19/2014 3:33 PM

I haven't heard good things about elites and street/heavier park use. Plus you have a good chance of getting profile wobble :/


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10/19/2014 11:46 PM

Elites will hold up just as good as mini or totems, I have all. Mini or Totems are slightly better since the driveside guard covers more of the driveside flange, elite is much larger and there is no specific guard for it. . You're really paying for the sound and the engagement .. I see most with them who are just hyped on it cause the sound. Your drivetrain will feel very solid from the hub having no slack.

Elite front hubs are exactly the same as the Totem. Build construction is the same with the cassette but the elite has a bigger driver and more parts in it which is why its not suggested as a heavy street hub. Do you grind on your drive side? If not grinding on your drive side , and even if so this deal is worth it. I love my profile hubs, its why I have a few sets

In my area its mostly park kids who have the Elite, and some kill it. I havent seen or heard of anyone with a problem yet. Yes, you will always read about the profile wobble, Ive had it....not anymore. Its the bearings. From what I was told Profile switched the bearings, changing the tolerances due to kids flipping their bikes over and spinning their wheels to see whos would spin the longest. Because most didnt understand that some bearing are designed to roll/spin better with applied weight /pressure to them, they immediately jump on Profile saying they suck cause it didnt spin long. Profile then switch bearings and wobble came. The newer bearings have a blue seal, older was black. When I had wobble I switched them out to the black, everything was good. Its been a year on them, with 4 pegs and still no issue. Im done typing, id say go for it if interested.



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10/20/2014 8:40 AM

The elite does now come with 14 mm chromo axle for street riding