Profile Mini hub very quiet and it’s brand new?

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5/13/2020 4:33 PM

Hi guys,

Just got back into BMXing recently and I bought two brand new Profile Mini hubs from Source BMX and I’ve just finished lacing them up and put them on my bike expecting to hear that distinctive Profile hiss and it’s so so quiet? I’m not one for wanting a super loud hub (Colony Wasps and Elites annoy me) but I’m a bit disappointed with this considering they’re meant to be arguably the nicest sounding hubs on the market. When I first got them I removed the driver and it appeared to be completely dry and I know Profile recommend you run cassettes dry anyway so I don’t think they would grease it.

Does anyone know if they’ve changed how they make the hubs as when I used to ride around 6/7 years ago I remember profiles having such an audible and distinctive sound but mines just disappointing. Do you have to wear new hubs in and they get louder with time? Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.


5/13/2020 5:24 PM

I mean, I don't think they've changed all that much. I've heard talk about having titanium hardware changing the sound, but only by tiny measures. To me they've always seemed very similar to a Primo Remix or some of the Cult hubs that give a similar sound. My old Remix sounded very similar to my friend's Mini, it was hard to tell apart when we both rode at the same time.


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5/13/2020 5:49 PM

They haven't really changed anything over the years aside from driver sizes.


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5/14/2020 4:05 AM

Brand new likely needs to be broken in a bit. Go ride and see what happens.


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5/14/2020 7:17 AM

The Elite is the loud one, not the Mini.


5/14/2020 8:19 PM

Super-Pawl wrote:

The Elite is the loud one, not the Mini.

OP said he doesn't like the elite sound, but that the mini he has is quieter than most.

OP is correct, the mini does have a distinct crisp sound. Likely needs to be ridden in a bit.


5/16/2020 12:17 PM

ive recently greased my mini up, and it sounds nowhere near what it used to, it sounds like an average hub compared to the more distinctive noise it made prior to grease, so it may just be that your hub came with grease so its quieter or something? ride it for a while so it dries up then it should be noisier, or check for grease and if there is some, remove it.