Question on doing a manual

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3/24/2015 10:38 AM

I have been trying to keep a manual but whenever i try, I basically fall on my butt so i dont know how to keep a manual without leaning too far back. Just saying as a note, I have bad reflexes


3/24/2015 10:55 AM

If you are just starting is kind a normal thing, you should try easier to get that point where you fall back, and after that pull less until you can hold it for at least a few seconds, then, you can start to practice with your legs to get on balance, that's the harder part, you are hanged on your arms almost...


3/24/2015 12:51 PM

keeppractacing. they take longer than expected to learn


please embed videos

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3/25/2015 4:57 AM

just youtube it


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3/25/2015 5:48 AM

Remember, lean back butt over rear wheel nice and low, pop that front end up and hump the air to maintain balance. Get used to jumping off and landing on your feet if you lean too far back. (This is called "looping out". ) Try practicing on as flat of a surface as you can, and the faster you go (comfortable riding speed) the easier it is. Just get good at jumping off if you loop out and you will be fine. Be prepared to practice it hundreds of times. Also, find a flat surface that is SLIGHTLY downhill. Like barely a noticeable decline works best. Good luck drift


3/25/2015 6:12 AM

The faster you go the easier it is, to a certain extent of course.