Question to all spline drive sprocket users

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10/13/2016 1:13 PM

Hi guys, I know the benefits of the spline drive like the elimination of tight spots and a generally smoother feeling I guess.

But I'm curious about how the crank axle spindles handles it, doesn't it tear it out too quickly ? like after a hard year of riding you ends up with a half slick axle and it sucks.
So let me know how the spline drive is working for you guys

I had to buy a new sprocket a few months ago, and I was wondering if I should buy a spline drive or not and ended up buying a regular bolt drive sprocket because I was too worried to wear out my brand new crank axle and bolt drive is just doing the job well for me.


10/13/2016 1:42 PM

Well, I have them both.

No need to worry about stripping your axle spindles.
Your sprocket would rather strip at the joint between the steel spline adapter and the aluminium.
But I've never seen that either.


10/13/2016 5:13 PM

I ran one for like 2-3 years without issue. Only downside is that it can suck to remove if you change BB or clean things off periodically. Keep that in mind.


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10/14/2016 7:07 AM

LOVE my spline drives!!
I had been running Profiles and a Tree Steel sprocket they were bulletproof
I have since upgraded to the FIT Indent 24SD with a Demolition Mugatu Steel sprocket and they are Bomb Proof!!
Neither have developed any play between the spindle and sprocket.
I will never go back!!


10/14/2016 9:24 AM

stay away from 19mm spline drive. tends to develop a wobble after a while. 22mm and 24mm are the way to go. strong and don't develop the wobble as easily. i especially recommend fit indent 24mm bossless cranks. 2nd set in and never had any wobble, strong, and light.


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10/14/2016 4:01 PM

motomonkey wrote:

LOVE my spline drives!!
I had been running Profiles and a Tree Steel sprocket they were bulletproof
I have since upgraded to ...more

Hot damn!
That Demolition steel sprocket is sick!

I must get one!

I always wonder why they make sprockets, stems, hub shells etc. for BMX from aluminium instead of steel...

How long is a while?


10/15/2016 2:05 AM

Okay so spline drive sprocket seems to work well for you, maybe avoiding the 19mm axle, if it crush the space spines too easily but even if it takes longer, it will probably end up happening too on larger axles...
I don't plan to buy a new sprocket anytime soon (I have two guard sprockets, a 25 and a 28 tooth) but I was curious to get some feedbacks. Btw no one talked about the smoothness of it vs a regular bolt drive.
It should be nice with a tight chain ( without loose spots) and a casette, the ultimate engagement, but whatever, I run a coaster and a loose chain.


10/15/2016 3:20 AM

I had a spline drive sprocket, literally 5 minutes into riding it I hit my sprocket and warped it enough for the sprocket to wobble on the splined washer thing.
If you're prone to hitting your sprocket I'd say steer clear of spline drive. Although I seem to be the only person this has ever happened to