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3/21/2015 4:05 PM


I'm really new, and just starting to learn. I'm getting the bike control again, i mean, i can almost ride and not feel the bike flimsy under me...

As I'm a big guy (110kg +- ) 250 lbs I guess the tire pressure on the stock ones i have, the GT pools, is justt 65, and i can feel the mushy wheels, and when i try to hop, the tire goes almost flat, and of course, if I'm stand up and pedaling I can see it going low on the front, and it kind of let me in and unbalanced? position...

Another question is just personal haha, do you like the stickers on the bike? Lie the stock stickers, my GT compe has stickers like everywhere and im thinking on removing all of them...



3/21/2015 4:16 PM

I ride 100+ makes the ride feel solid and allot faster


3/21/2015 4:58 PM

I ride around 80 in both, sometimes a little lower on bigger tires in the street. Like for real big tires, it's around 70 just because it feels a little nicer. Skinny tires need more pressure though.


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3/21/2015 5:08 PM

And one more question, what about the tubes? Are normal tubes or are some special ones to support 80-90 psi?? Cause i only have the stock ones that came with the bikes, i dont want the to explode in my face ha ha ha, no seriously, i already have some tinnitus, if they explode in my face it will hurt... a lot sad


3/21/2015 6:31 PM

Stock tubes are fine, put 90 in them. Or by something rated for 110 or so.


3/21/2015 6:40 PM

Well that's good to know, i thought that maybe the tubes have something to do with the pressure... I can't find any tires here in my country so i will buy them in USA, i liked the animal glh they are cheap at danscomp but they only carries like 2.1 tires, is there any place where i can get the tires in a little more width or any other brand that is good to get?