Quick question about shadow grande headset cap.

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5/2/2014 2:20 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/2/2014 2:25 PM

I need to know would i need to buy a headsets to use the shadow grande headset cap or could i just used it on it own without a headsets. It said it replaces the spacers so you won't have multiple headset spacers to rise the stem. Also i have the animal piff bars and going to buy the demolition monarch stem and the shadow grande headset cap if i do all that would my bars be super high like maybe a 9 to a 10 rise. Do i really need the shadow grande headset cap.


5/2/2014 2:27 PM

You will still need a headset, it just replaces the top cap and spacers.

Do you need it? No. But you may want it.... it just depends on how tall you like your bars bud.



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5/2/2014 2:37 PM

Thanks Chris that want i needed to know. The animal piff bars are really small it 7.28 rise 24.5w. But i might buy it and try it out. I'm going to try just the bars and the stem to see how high it would rise my bars. Then I'm going to try with the bars stem and headset cap to see how high it going rise my bars. To see which one i like.


5/2/2014 3:19 PM

The grande headset is suppose to be used by people (like me) that needs a shitload of spacers, just to have that dust cap and make it look clean (i guess)




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5/2/2014 4:28 PM

Zodiac cap or nothing.


5/2/2014 6:38 PM

Xxohioanxx wrote:

Zodiac cap or nothing.


Instead of buying the stem and using it with your piff bars why not just buy a taller set of bars. I'm almost positive you will buy a stem now and then end up getting a bigger set of bars down the track.

If your determined on getting the topload first just go and order the fit upload stem. It has the highest rise on the market


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5/2/2014 7:16 PM

leave the scooter shit out of bmx


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