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11/29/2009 4:35 AM
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New Members Thread.

If you are new please read this thoroughly.

Introduce Yourself

If your new to the site feel free to introduce yourself by click the link below

Introduce Yourself


- Spamming
Spamming is a quick way to being locked. This includes: advertising, posting multiple threads, trolling, making posts with no relevance to the conversation and to the site or posting the same thread repeatedly. There is no need to clog the site with useless garbage

- Sections
We have sections, use them. Things posted in the wrong section will be moved or deleted. If you can't find your post check the correct section, chances are it was moved there. Don’t whine about it being moved either, you knew you were posting it in the wrong section.

- Search
If you are asking about a part, how to do a trick or even how to fix something, use the search it's probably already been posted and answered. It will save you time and get your answer faster than waiting for us to answer your question. If you are posting news about a new part, new company, new team members and other bmx related news, search, chances are it's already been posted. It can't hurt to search before posting something, so make a habit of it.

Will not be tolerated. Any blatant racist posts will lead to an automatic account deletion. The use of nigga or nig in a joking context is acceptable, but if you post hateful or discriminatory remarks you will be deleted from vital bmx no questions and no exceptions.

-Thread Title
Make it short and to the point. Lets face it, paragraph length titles are very annoying and mess up the forum. Make them as descript as possible. Lets keep the profanity to a minimum, because there are little kids around here and they don’t need to see that.

- Spelling
Spelling does count, so does punctuation. Your use of the CAPS LOCK KEY should be limited, nobody likes being yelled at. If people have to take any amount of time to decode your post, don't be surprised if they make fun of you. We don't speak text message, spell it out.

- Noob Bashing
If you see a post that obviously shows that they are new to riding don't be an ass to them for no reason. they have come here to learn and you too were a noob at one point. Noob-bashing does happen, don't take anything seriously.

- Porn
Anyone found to be posting porn will have their account locked for a minimum of a week. Regardless of position on the board.

- Trash talking
Don't say anything that you wouldn't say to their face. being a keyboard tough guy is dumb and will end in you getting ridiculed for it. Have a reason, off-handed insults for sport are looked down upon. We know that you will not get along with everyone here, but if you are going to say something don't hide behind a username.

- Signatures
Make them short and to the point. Nobody like have to scroll have way down the page to get past your signature. Try to limit it to 3-4 lines. Gif images are cool and all but they slow the site down, so keep them to a limited. If we have to change them, don't be surprised if they change of disappear all together.

- Usernames
Try to keep it to one username per person. If you want to change your username you will have to make a new account, so some exceptions will be made. If you are making new accounts to troll don't be surprised if they are locked.

- Locked
Talk to the admin or moderator that did it to find out why you have been locked. Sometimes it will be a temporary other time it's not. If you make another name while you are temporally banned, the banning will become permanent. Threads about being locked will be deleted.

Hints and tips

- Tips
If you are new to riding and have lots of questions, please make one thread with all of them. You will not get your answer instantly, people will answer so don't make a new thread when people don't answer instantly. If your thread falls to the bottom and your question has not been answered or you want more input "bump" your thread back to the top. This way you can have all of your questions answered and will not clog the forum. Expect to get bashed on we are not fans of it but it does happen, remember it will pass as you prove yourself. Thick skin will help you not take that seriously. Change your avatar, it will help separate you from the rest of the stock graphic members. If you need help, let us know.

- Problem
If you are having a problem with someone spamming, trolling or just generally causing problems. Do not make a thread about it. Send a moderator a message with information about the problem and a link to the thread or the account of person causing the issue.

- Questions
We need all the info you have about the problem, we can't help if you can't tell us what the problem is. More info helps us help you. Pictures and video are very helpful when trying to figure out what is wrong with your bike. If you want help on choosing a part or complete, Tell us how much you are willing to spend and what you are going to ride. If you want opinions on a part give us a link. It's not fun having to search to help. Make it easy and you will get more help.

Remember that this is the Internet and do not take anything personally..

Helpful links

Black list

Buy from these members.

eBay bike recovery guide

Discount Codes for..

Bike painting application

How to get a skatepark

Transworld Trick Tips

Odyssey Tech Corner

Freecoaster how to's

If you have any questions feel free to email a moderator.
I am sure i missed stuff so if you want to add something send me a message.


1/22/2011 9:41 AM
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My nigga Ressler, stay up!
My nigga Babysatan, stay up!
My nigga Copiolet, stay up!
My nigga DakAttack, stay up!
My nigga NCDave, stay up!
My nigga Enzo, stay up!

And I ride for my niggas

2/4/2011 12:55 AM



10/26/2013 11:44 AM

New members should be forced to read this


I'm gonna need bigger bars

11/15/2013 5:01 AM

We are currently taking sponsorship applications on You can also use the discount code "insider" to recieve a 10% discount on any purchase.


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1/21/2014 4:49 PM

I am confused about bringing up dead threads and if this is considered bringing up an dead thread. Can anyone explain to me how old a thread has to be to be dead please?


1/21/2014 5:34 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/6/2014 5:54 PM

tom sawyer wrote:

I am confused about bringing up dead threads and if this is considered bringing up an dead thread. Can anyone explain to me ...more

If it's more than a month or two old and people aren't posting in it don't bump it unless you have something really worthwile to say. Only post in threads on the first and MAYBE the second page, unless it's your own thread.


I love my bike but i hate myself
bike check


7/6/2014 9:10 AM

Just to add to discount codes, is a solid site.


"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" -Kyle Kinane

"BIKES!" -Tom Segura

10/16/2014 6:15 PM

Thanks Vital! I am a bmx genius now smile


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6/1/2015 1:38 AM

i need help for what i need to change on my youtube channel i would much appreciated it if you checked it out thanks. XD
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5/8/2016 2:30 PM
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8/25/2017 11:45 AM
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1/19/2021 10:08 PM

Maybe I’ve been an asshole , 80
Psi in a fat ass 65 psi tire works great if you don’t crash and case , I’d rather have 110 and pump up
To 100 and know I’m good if I get
Bucked over the bars I did it to myself ,
No tires to blame


1/19/2021 10:19 PM

Pretty sure wrong thread thread bro, but dig it just the same....


It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult: Seneca

4/21/2021 9:55 PM

I like tyres as well, especially when inflated.


4/21/2021 10:00 PM

I'm tired out from reading all of the replies..


It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult: Seneca