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1/17/2018 5:06 PM

Haven't been on a bike for a while now. Kept getting injured and dislocated my shoulder, sold my bike and haven't owned a bmx for about a year. Been doing a lot of mountain biking and decided that i wanted to get back on a 20". Was debating on getting a cheap complete from craigslist or getting a high end complete or building up my own complete. Not tight on money but getting married in 8 months and honeymoon will cost a lot and had a lot of dentist work done.

So on a random sunday night i was on ebay and discovered my new ride. I probably looked at the pictures for about an hour and then decided to take a risk and buy the bike. The bike was only 279.99 with free shipping. Got the bike today and i took it apart except for the cranks. But nothing was stripped and rims were true. I can't believe that i got a fully aftermarket bike for less than 300. Its a fit td350 frame with odyssey directer forks, fit clubman bars, fit stem, odyssey thunderbolt cranks, ross tires, shadow sprocket, twisted pc pedals, front/rear hubs are odyssey, rims are odyssey aerospace, fit stem and seat. No idea what the seat post is and odyssey headset and bb. But i think i got a crazy deal. Cant wait for winter to end so i can ride more, just moved and live next to a skatepark. Photo


1/17/2018 5:15 PM

Nice! It looks good! Amd it doesn't look beat to ah*t like alot of used bikes, good find!


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1/17/2018 5:26 PM

Good choice


1/17/2018 7:19 PM

That bike is sex. Looks good as hell, and a hell of a deal! Nice find


Pegless and coaster is ultimate zen

1/17/2018 7:30 PM

Thats a rad find! was just thinking to myself how i haven't seen anyone running director forks in years.


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1/17/2018 8:02 PM

Cool deal! Looks nice


1/18/2018 5:27 AM

Solid find!


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1/18/2018 5:49 AM

Awesome parts list on that and it all looks fresh. Good find.


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1/18/2018 11:50 AM

Looks sick, I'd make it a flatland bike though if I were gonna keep the forks. Bet you whoever owned it was rich and had a kid who thought he liked bmx but moved to scooter because scooter is easy.


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1/18/2018 12:17 PM

HavokDJ wrote:

Looks sick, I'd make it a flatland bike though if I were gonna keep the forks. Bet you whoever owned it was rich and had a kid ...more

They're not flatland forks, they have a 32mm offset...


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1/18/2018 12:38 PM

HavokDJ wrote:

Looks sick, I'd make it a flatland bike though if I were gonna keep the forks. Bet you whoever owned it was rich and had a kid ...more

The directors have a bend in the legs to make up for the dropouts not being mounted on the fronts of the fork legs.


1/18/2018 3:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/18/2018 3:07 PM

This is what I keep trying to tell people. Why buy a $300 complete, when you can get a $1500 bike for less than $300? It takes a little time and research, but every few months, I find a gem just like that. I take a few parts that I like, and sell the rest for a profit. I have 2 very nice custom bikes right now, and I've actually made money on them. You hear that? My bikes were free + profits. I guess I'm just cheap like that, but I can never pass up a good deal. I hate paying retail, I'm always looking at sales too. That's a really nice looking bike. Not sure if I like the directors on it. I have some myself, on a Sunday new wave. I think they work with Sunday frames, but I don't like the looks of them on a classic looking frame like that. Still very very nice bike.