Rear Wheel: Stolen Rampage or Salt Rookie?

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8/14/2020 1:44 AM

Hi, I would like to upgrade my daughter's BMX (WTP Arcade 2009) rear wheel. It currently has a 13T Odyssey freewheel with a 33T sprocket and I would like to get a cassette hub with 9T and a 25T sprocket.

I was looking at the Stolen Rampageb rear wheel (cassette, 9T, double wall rim) and the Salt Rookie rear wheel (cassette, 9T, single wall rim). The Salt wheel is 210 grams lighter than the Stolen wheel reducing the overall weight (11.8 kg) of the bike by 200 grams, but has single wall rims only.

What would you guys suggest? Is a double wall rim even needed for an 8 year-old rider?

(yes, I am aware that the WTP Arcade 2009 is rather outdated, but money is an issue)


8/14/2020 1:53 AM

also, the bike is an 18" and daughters weight ca 30 kg


8/14/2020 2:41 AM

I would go for the stolen double wall rim because it isn't that much heavier and double wall is alot better



8/14/2020 4:35 AM

I just put some stolen wheels on my friends bike I put together yesterday they seem pretty damn nice for being budget wheels


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8/14/2020 8:27 AM

I own both 20" Cassette Rear Wheels (kinda). Don't own a Salt Rookie RW, but I do own a Salt Valon RW. Which seems to be very similar to the Salt Rookie. Both are good choices, but simply based on one being double wall and the other single. I'd give the nod to Stolen.

PS. I was going to suggest the Colony Pintour Cassette RW.  Which is normally out of my price range, but has them for $70 something. But that was before I realized your looking for a 18" bike.


8/14/2020 8:46 AM

Stolen Rampage for sure.


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8/14/2020 9:15 AM

alright, thank you everyone! i’m going to order the stolen rampage then