Rear brake mount gap and tension

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9/17/2014 5:17 AM

Just got my deuce deuce frame in yesterday and put a rear brake setup on it. First time messing with brakes but I got them to at least function but having a issue. There is a gap between the brake mount and the brake itself. I've attached a pic. The bolt that mounts it is in all the way. Also how do you adjust tension on the arms?



9/17/2014 6:00 AM

Fill the gap with washers or file the mount down a bit.

To adjust the springs, use a wrench to turn the spring caps about 90 degrees (give or take) inwards toward the tire, then.tighten the bolt with an allen wrench.


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9/17/2014 6:09 AM

Thanks for the quick response. Will try that and report back. I tried turning the spring caps previously but would just return back to original position. I'm assuming after fixing the gap and the brake sitting flush on the mount and more room for the bolt to tighten down this will hold position?


9/17/2014 1:19 PM

Got it dialed in. Just ended up cutting some threads off the bolt. Works great.