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9/4/2014 11:26 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/5/2014 1:01 AM

No one looks at the product section so i did this.

The Fit Wif Complete review: It feels amazing, I love it and so does everyone who rides it. I took the chain off for coasting abilitys. I changed the bars to Eclat Dives the day I got it because The fit skyscraper bars just looked way to big for me on there own. The one problem I a have is trying to get manuals I always start to turn to the right or left in manuel.

Eclat Dive 8.9: They Feel good in the hands, and the specs are just right for me. They feel very strong, and the chrome on them isn't easy to scratch

Fit High Top: Hasn't slipped on me yet, raises your bars a lot. At first I thought the stem would raise my bars way to much but nope feels just right. Doesn't look bad at all on a bike but at the same time it doesn't look that good either.

Fit Blade 2: It's just a regular old fork hasn't caused me any problems so... easy to scratch the paint tho.

Odi long neck XL: They're really long, and the reason i got them was because I didn't want my Brand new Chrome bars all scratched up. They feel like regular old Odis, and on my bars they get just past the bends a bit.

Fit Wifi: Feels Twitchy, but I can ride it at the park. I Cant go as high as I could before, but I think that's just because i feel a bit scared to on this frame because it is twitchy and easy to whip around, and loose control. Spins fast, and is decently responsive. I have a problem with manuals with it tho. It feels very solid and the welds looks very strong. Also is very easy to pump around.

Fit Indents: Amazing cranks that's all I've go to say. They have like no flex to them at all. I will buy these again one day.

Fit FAF Night Vision; When i was buying the bike I was thinking of switching the tires right away to A \demo Machete in the front, and Shadow Valor in the back, but I think ill stick with these instead. The tire is very grippy but when you want it to, it can slide around. They carry speed superbly. No flats yet

Fit Mac: Good grip on the pedal, haven't had a shine yet but id imagine it would hurt. I think Id rather ride eclat slash pedals tho, but If I where to ride dirt I would ride these or if I liked a little more grip on my pedals. They Loosen up quite a bit tho.

If I Change my mind on any of these parts I will come back and change the reviews


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