Rideing stock parts

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1/4/2014 7:43 AM

Whats the problem with riding a stock bike. Arent all the parts the same as there aftermarket version with a diffrent name on it.


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1/4/2014 7:47 AM

Very rarely is that the case. Most of the time if there is aftermarket quality parts they will be aftermarket parts, otherwise it's usually cheaper/ lesser quality components.


1/4/2014 7:55 AM

Nothing wrong with riding a stock bike, but if you're not riding a Sunday or WTP most of the parts used aren't the quality used on aftermarket parts.


1/4/2014 8:56 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/4/2014 8:57 AM

Nothing wrong with riding stock parts, when you buy a complete your all set and ready to go, as you improve parts will inevitably break and need replacing, just replace things as an when needed with quality aftermarket stuff and soon enough you'll have yourself a custom that can hold up to whatever you throw at it, but even those parts will need replacing eventually.


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1/4/2014 9:05 AM

its fine, but as you progress, you will break stock parts and then replace them


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1/4/2014 3:37 PM

riding a stock bike is fine but most of the time they break faster cause there isnt as much dquyality put into it as an after market part....so basically what everybody else said


1/4/2014 3:58 PM

Stock=lesser quality. simple as that


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1/4/2014 4:00 PM



1/4/2014 7:55 PM

It's basically the alternative to mass production of parts. For a bike , you need parts to be produced. Depending on how many bikes you make , you can't have aftermarket parts (More expensive , harder/longer to make) so stock parts are basically sped up parts , with quality at different levels depending on the bike you got.


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