Riding fakie

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6/26/2013 3:45 PM

I can 360 flare but as soon as i try to ride fakie i fail


6/26/2013 3:54 PM

post a video of your 360 flare


6/26/2013 9:29 PM

Get off the rezzi and learn to fakie


I seek progression, not perfection.

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6/26/2013 9:47 PM

Its easy just look straight back when you land


6/26/2013 10:41 PM

I actually know someone that can Flair but not Fakie, he's not resi rat at all, in fact I don't think he's ever ridden a resi. He is a boss at street as well as park.


6/26/2013 10:59 PM

Practise. And also go faster than you think you need too


I'm a punk bmxer, I can't do it well so I do it loud.

6/27/2013 4:35 AM

Real talk though hahaha.

I used to be able to fakie forever, quit riding for a bit and now I and can do mostly what I could...except I suck at fakies BAD.


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