Riding in the winter

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12/16/2016 7:13 AM

Just wondering what everyone does in the winter for riding???


12/16/2016 7:37 AM

I personally ride in my basement.


12/16/2016 8:42 AM

depends on where you live tongue
here in Croatia i can ride pretty much whole year outside


12/16/2016 9:34 AM

i do it as long as it's dry but i hate it. i'll usually make a couple trips to indoor parks if my friends are going.


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12/16/2016 10:12 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/16/2016 10:17 AM

Live in Canada, gotta suck it up and ride in -15 sometimes if it's dry since I got no indoor parks near me


12/16/2016 10:34 AM

I don't mind riding in the cold, but we just got like 6-8 inches with 4-6 more to come tonight here in Michigan. Guess I gotta check out some indoor parks or carve out some snow quarters. It's been about a decade since I rode any parks though.


12/16/2016 10:40 AM

RIDEboarder wrote:

I personally ride in my basement.

Haha so I'm not the only person that does this.

It gets to freezing and below here in Washington, I just throw on my riding gloves, an extra sweater and an extra pair of socks


12/16/2016 10:45 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/16/2016 10:47 AM

Bundle up, head to the parking garage, and work on flat land tricks. I actually like riding in snow and shit. Its fun. Doesnt hurt to fall between the layers and the softer landing. I got my knobby tires on. Thats a must for winter.


12/16/2016 10:58 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/16/2016 10:59 AM

It gets way colder in some of the areas you guys live than it does here right now it's 31 degrees and that's at 1:56 pm but I usually only have time to ride after work which is 7:30-8 am so it's in the teens. I stay out 30 mins maybe an hour before I cant take it anymore. I really hate Tennessee and it's weird ass weather


12/16/2016 11:20 AM

20" mountain bike knobbies are cheap and you can build and ride snow jumps just like dirt jumps. It's less work than dirt actually. You can get a nice small line of three knee high jumps made in a couple hours.


12/16/2016 1:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/16/2016 1:19 PM

I go outside and ride, southern california is pretty cool


12/16/2016 2:26 PM

Roose87 wrote:

I don't mind riding in the cold, but we just got like 6-8 inches with 4-6 more to come tonight here in Michigan. Guess I gotta ...more

totally jealous!! I love snow/winter time. I plan to retire one day either to Michigan or Lake Placid... I want feet of snow in the winter time!

I would rather ride in the cold:
1. I don't get tired as quickly
2. no sweating
3. no people in the park

we don't get a lot of snow, but unfortunately our park does not drain well, so parts will have standing water sometimes, which limits the lines


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12/16/2016 3:25 PM

I'd ride more street if people actually came out... As soon as it hits 40° everyone complains it's too cold... 30° & under though I won't come out unless there's a big group coming out which nowadays is very unlikely. Years ago there'd be a decent sized group of us riding around in 20° weather.

So now I'm stuck riding indoor parks on the cold days, and if it's bearable like 40° at least, I'll hit up the outdoor park by myself. Riding & freezing by myself is no fun though haha


12/17/2016 4:36 PM

If it's above freezing and sunny out i ride. I can usually ride atleast once a week in the winter.


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12/17/2016 4:48 PM

Come to Hawai'i and ride with me year-round! smile


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12/17/2016 8:37 PM

I don't unless I go to an indoor park.


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12/18/2016 10:00 AM


Picture taken from my window , our igloos up here have been might cold lately

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