Rim Widths...?

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11/9/2016 7:01 PM

A little confused on rim widths and rims like the Stranger XXLT, Federal Stance XL or the new Cinema C38.

Whats the normal or average width for a street / park rim...?

Do I need a wide rim if I am planning to run wide tires (2.20+)...? Or can I still run a normal width rim with a wide tire (2.40) and still be fine...?

I like the look of a skinnier rim to be honest. The wider looking rims look ugly imo.


11/9/2016 8:06 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/9/2016 8:07 PM

Around 37mm seems to be the average imo for rims. You dont need a new rim to run bigger tires. my rim is 37mm which is skinnier than the XL rims and it fits all tires from 1.75-2.4 fine. I use to run 2.4's and had no problem. What bike do you have? If you want to run 2.4's then you have to make sure that your forks and frame has enough clearance.
I dont like the look of the real wide rims either as well.