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8/5/2018 2:56 PM

For some reason a minority of road users seem to hate BMX'rs. What's your funniest road rage experience on a bike?


8/5/2018 3:08 PM

Tim had some cuntbag pull a gun on him at a jam lol , shit was hilarious, probably not for them though .

Here in Canada its fairly timid , knock on wood . I've had cars cut us off from the bike lane and had people come out and want to fight , but they always seem surprised when you toss your bike down and roll up your sleeves looking to toss some hands in the middle of the road . They get back in their cars pretty quickly...


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8/5/2018 3:24 PM

I was going down the street. Minding my own. Bout the cross the street. Some dick in a van blew past a stop sign and almost killed me. So me being pissed, I followed him to his stop light and told him something. He flipped me off kept going. I decided to turn into Gary Ellis and catch up to him.

I'm pedaling my ass off sweating and hearing the Kill Bill song...noise. We get about 11 blocks down and he is stopped at a light. I slow up for what i'm about to do next.

I swerve through stopped cars, get to his van and wallride the shit as the he was pulling off to make the green. I fell but was right up ready for a fight. He just made his right turn.


8/5/2018 5:22 PM

havent dealt with anything too bad. mostly just people yelling as they drive by to ride on the sidewalk not the street. closest i came to actual shit going down was when i was pedaling down the sidewalk on the way home from the park and some hoodrat scumbag in a brand new benz whipped out of an alley and parked on the sidewalk (parked facing towards me so he had to drive at me on the sidewalk). i was livid, almost took his mirror off with my hand biker style.


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8/5/2018 6:04 PM

All I've ever had was idiots yelling something about riding a kid's bike. Doesn't happen often but it happens.


8/5/2018 7:03 PM

I haven't had problems with drivers usually. Just dont be a dick and follow rode rules and no one should ahem a problem with you...

I've only had dumbass teenagers yell shit out the windows at me and flick me off and shit lol


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8/5/2018 8:46 PM

Oh boy i have a good one! Me and a few friends were riding a sidewalk gap into the road but not even where you drive, just where you park. So we weren’t actually in the way of drivers. But this guy stopped at his green light to tell us we were in the way and were going to cause an accident and he demanded we get out of the road. I turned to him and just said “no” and my friend told him to fuck off. He proceded to park accross the street and pulled a baseball bat out of his truck yelling “how bout that!? Wanna talk wit me know!? You got somethin to say!!?” So i once again responded “no.” He got back in his car and drove away, but a minute later he had circled the block and was back. This time he drove throuh a green light with his head turned out the window yelling the same shit at us saying we were gonna cause an accident. But while he was yelling at us he drove into a parked car! He completely fucked their back door up then just took off. It was so funny, i did feel bad that someone had to find their car all fucked up but it was that crazy dudes fault.


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8/5/2018 9:23 PM

blaaaaaaaaa wrote:

Oh boy i have a good one! Me and a few friends were riding a sidewalk gap into the road but not even where you drive, just ...more

That’s legendary


8/5/2018 10:52 PM

there's too many funny ones because I'm quite notorious for yelling back and talking shit. someone starts off with "hey you fuckin..." it's usually met with me yelling something really vulgar and/or insulting, which results in them either shrugging it off, yelling back which is met with more of me yelling, or they try chasing after us or something which is always funny cause then it turns into a game to us cause we're assholes.

I'm sure there's better ones, but this one stands out to me at the moment. 4 of us were riding a parking lot one night and 2 of my friends were doing long fakies to see how far they could go, at one point a car FLEW around the side aggressively almost hitting one of them. of course this dickass stops to act tough in front of his wife and daughter, probably no older than 4. he starts yelling shit like "what the fuck do you think you're fucking doing?! fuck out of the road idiots!" so we're like "uh you're in a parking lot first off, second you came flying around that turn so fuck off faggot" he again tells us to get the fuck out of the way and that he's "an off duty cop" and my friend's like "yeah you're a fucking off duty cop alright driving like that with your wife and kid in the back huh?" so the guy gets out and gets right in my friends face, he didn't back down and I mocked the guy and said "awh you wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you?" (friend wears glasses) so my friend takes his glasses off and says "Free shot buddy! go ahead and see what happens, there's 4 of us here so good luck!" and the guy goes "you are SO fucking lucky you're a minor or I'd beat your ass right the fuck now!" my friend's like "dude I'm 21, go for it man" and the guy instantly backed away "You're fucking 21? you're 21 and riding a bike in a parking lot?" I'm like "you're an off duty cop and threatening what you thought were minors?" guy got back in his car and left after we made fun of him some more. told him sorry for emasculating him in front of his wife who's probably a dude

typically if someone gets bad enough road rage, we don't just sit there, we yell back or someone does something about it. my friend with a short temper and reputation for kicking peoples asses broke a dudes windshield before and chucked paintballs at a car before over minor road rage, and those are just times the police got involved so it's okay to admit that on the internet haha


8/6/2018 1:23 AM

^^ That story is great grin Funny how half the world seem to be off duty cops when it suits them.

The UK is fairly civil too, It's usually 17 year olds who think they're hard with their mates to shout abuse and rubbish at bikers. In city centres taxi drivers can be fun. The other day a taxi was honking at me, even though there was a bus in front going slower than me. Next set of traffic lights, I made sure I blocked the lane completely until they turned red again. Never seen anyone so pissed grin


8/6/2018 1:58 AM

WiteMic wrote:

I was going down the street. Minding my own. Bout the cross the street. Some dick in a van blew past a stop sign and almost ...more

literally same thing happend to me except i peg chinked all over his car
followed him for like 5 mins but it was worth it


8/6/2018 2:12 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/6/2018 2:24 AM

hahaha holy fuck just remembered this from a street jam in DC a few years ago. There was a fuckton of us mobbing the streets so obviously cars are getting pissed and shit when like 100ish bikers are flying down the road disregarding traffic laws and shit… well some dickhead in a fairly nice car, think it was an Audi or Mercedes, can’t remember offhand, decided they were gonna try to go before we all flooded the intersection they wanted to cross and nearly hit a bunch of us so they stopped in the middle of the intersection honking and yelling as we all ride by then someone jumped on the side of the fucking hood! the passenger gets out and starts like flailing his hands in a “Come on motherfuckers fight me!” motion and starts talking shit saying he’ll fuck us all up, AS HE’S STANDING IN THE STREET WHILE WE ALL RIDE BY. it was like that scene in the Lion King where Mufasa gets trampled by wildebeest only with bikes. the chick he was driving with just awkwardly pulled away and left him there when we all passed, it was fuckin hilarious but yeah huuuge dick move hood riding the car

at the end of the jam the guy who did it got a shout out haha “shout out to this dud for pissing off the toughest dude in all of DC!”

there’s a video clip of the dude getting out and you can kinda see part of him jumping on the hood but it’s not that well filmed cause no one was expecting it obviously, I’ll see if I can find it

edit: like 10 seconds in


8/6/2018 3:16 AM

Great stories guys!

Most assholes don't realize how much a 4 peg, 12-15 kg of steel, bike can fuck them and their car up.

And most of them think that we are kids, but when you shout back at them, in an aggressive tone they start to have second thoughts.

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8/6/2018 3:48 AM

by me we dont have bicycling lanes just normal roads, and them gay ass road cyclists always be blocking the road doing 15mph its like bruh this is a 45mph zone move the fuck outta the way for a 2 ton vehicle. all my years of riding i always moved out of the way for cars because well 10/10 times that car will win that fight.


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8/6/2018 8:16 AM

I'm pretty lucky. I'm in a community where most people are on bikes or boards for getting around. I have yet to have anyone get pissed or even think twice about street riding.


8/6/2018 8:38 AM

It's crazy here, I always try and stay out of the way- if you watch the news at least 3 people get hit on bicycles a day. Road Rage murder is not uncommon here either.

I have my own street rules that have served me way better than ordinary cyclist rules:
Ride against traffic- I've always done this, riding with my back against the speeding vehicles makes me nervous;all it takes is someone to swerve to the right and BAM!, most people hit are riding with traffic. This way I can ride in the street and SEE when A car is coming and then hop on the curb or move in the bike lane LONG before he even gets close to me.

Ride on the curb- people will give you shit for this but I even tell cops like I'm an idiot "This is a trick bike I can't get the speed to ride in the road"

I've always been very quick on the road and have avoided many issues by hopping and skidding-I'm more aware than most people walking, cycling and driving and that's what it comes down to, being quick to react just like in a car.


8/6/2018 10:27 AM

side note you know mike phinx?


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8/9/2018 4:13 PM

The other day while I was riding in a spot near my house, I pulled a pogo and two wiggers came up and said that I looked like I was fucking my bike and it was offensive. I told them to eat shit or I’ll shove it down their throats and then they tried to fight. One came at me and I stuck a peg in the side of his head and they left me alone after I rode off.
The whole time he was saying “YO MANG THIS IS MY SIDE-A TOWN”, occasionally saying he lived in western gardens. The spot is about 150 feet from my house, and the spot and my house are in red-line, far away from western gardens, so basically he wasn’t on “his” “side” of town.
Wiggers man, it’s best to stay away from them so you don’t catch the aids, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. Bet they went back to whatever crack house they live in and said they won a fight against a badass biker lmao.


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