Rough price on this? (Not a forsale thread)

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8/3/2011 5:59 AM

Frame: 2010 Zion Luna (Machined 14mm Dropouts)
Fork: Odyssey Classic Freestyle (Can swap for Primo Strand)
Bars: Flatware Bayou (Odyssey Bayou)
Stem: Colony T.L.D.
Headset: Odyssey Integrated
Brake Cable: Odyssey Slic Linear
Brake Hardware: Eclat Springs and Bolts
Brake Pads: Fly Zapatas (Brand new)
Brake Arms: Primo E-Brake
Brake Lever: Eclat Swift
Bottom Bracket: Shadow Conspiracy Torrid
Cranks: Odyssey Tombolt 165mm
Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Ravager
Seat Post: Colony Flatland
Seat: Colony Flatland
Seat Clamp: Odyssey Mr Clampy
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock
Sprocket: Flatware Rhode Island 20 Tooth (Odyssey Rhode Island)
Rims: G-Sport Rollcage
Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero 2
Freecoaster: Alienation Rush V2
Tires: Fly Suelo Slick

Everything has been barely ridden, FC has been serviced properly and the bike in general has been fully serviced each month.


8/3/2011 6:23 AM

what website are you selling it on?


united beacon frame is legit.

8/3/2011 6:34 AM

Are you buying, or selling? It's worth about $475-525 complete
If yo're selling, I'd be interested in a couple parts for my Zion