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mrbmxfly mrbmxfly
9/11/2013 9:22 AM

Swapped WTP Royal cranks for my cranks a while ago and i swapped because the royals were better but i realised when i put them on my bike that both bolts were rounded, 1 also was ceased and unable to get off. 1 of the bolts wasnt that badly rounded at first so i put the cranks on but i had it just about tight enough so my cranks wouldnt have play but loose enough so i could get it off again without rounding the bolts and i had the cranks off many times. But i havnt had the cranks off in ages so the last time i tried to take it off it has fully rounded it off and its extremely tight. What can i do to get this bolt out???

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dmx24 dmx24
9/11/2013 9:50 AM

take a slightly larger key (probably standard) and tap it in with a hammer..if it has some wiggle room have a friend tap the end with a hammer repeatedly while you are pulling it counter clockwise (loosening)


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HardBMX_Tim HardBMX_Tim
9/11/2013 9:59 AM

Drill it out and buy new ones..

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mrbmxfly mrbmxfly
9/11/2013 10:05 AM
HardBMX_Tim wrote:

Drill it out and buy new ...more

Do you know anywhere i could get it drilled out as i dont have any drilling equipment?

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skubasteve skubasteve
9/11/2013 10:24 AM

Is the bolt hollow? Maybe try an "easy out"

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adamnmexican adamnmexican
9/11/2013 11:01 AM
HardBMX_Tim wrote:

Drill it out and buy new ...more

mrbmxfly wrote:

Do you know anywhere i ...more

you can buy a drill at any local hardware store....maybe ask a machine shop or something. make sure you buy em beer

It’s all bmx

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Basement Cat Basement Cat
9/11/2013 2:23 PM

Look into buying an E-Z out. They should sell those at most hardware stores.

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