Rusty spokes

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3/12/2014 5:26 PM

Looks like my spokes are already starting to rust, I live next to the beach so no surprise their, Just wondering what would be some good spokes that dont rust, also how long do I have till they start to break, and how do I measure the spokes so I can order some new ones?


3/12/2014 5:29 PM

I use sapim spokes usually, some of the guys on here love dt Swiss. I don't know just get painted spokes? And call danscomp, tell them the hub and rim combo and they'll probably calculate it for you cuz they did it once for me.


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3/12/2014 6:37 PM

I dont think thw rust really effects them that much just aslong as it's surface rust...clean em with wd-40 and you should be good


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3/13/2014 12:38 AM

I have my spokes with rust since a lot ago. I have never change them, and i have changed both hubs and rims, i didnt feel like spending 59 € in spokes.




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