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screamingtiger screamingtiger
2/8/2019 9:31 AM

Building for my daughter, she's 9 and small. Shorter then many 9 year olds.
I am thinking of getting the 19" TT.

She will ride on bmx tracks and ride street with me.

I want to stay with 20" tires to ensure I can get parts and she can grow into it more.
I like the low standover height and I think the shorter TT will help her learn foot jams.


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grumpySteve grumpySteve
2/8/2019 9:45 AM

I think it'll still be too big for a couple of years, but she will grow into it. I'm currently building my son's first 20" bmx, he's an average height 10 year old and it's too big for him just now. He's a lot more confident on his 18"

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pnj pnj
2/8/2019 9:58 AM

my first bike was a 20 inch. I was 7.

it had a bananna seat.

y'all prolly don't even know what that is.

OP, you can get parts for any sized bike. a smaller bike would probably be better and good small bmx bikes exist if you want to go that route.

or buy / build the dagger and see how she does with it. you can always sell it and replace if it doesn't work out.

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screamingtiger screamingtiger
2/8/2019 10:12 AM

As you know the colors matter. Cant find a 18" in the colors she likes. Wants gold, lots of gold lol.

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eskimojay eskimojay
2/8/2019 10:43 AM

dagger in Chrome , think I seen one on flatland fuel that was short , that would look sick

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
2/8/2019 11:48 AM
pnj wrote:

my first bike was a 20 ...more

I do!

Wheres my clap gif?

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p1p1092 p1p1092
2/8/2019 11:51 AM
Bulletpup wrote:

I do!

Wheres my clap gif? ...more


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Super-Pawl Super-Pawl
2/8/2019 11:54 AM

With all due respect I really doubt your 9yo daughter is gonna learn footjams anytime soon. Get her a properly sized bike meant for kids that she can ride in the meanwhile, and save your money that you would have spent on a crazy custom. She might not even like it

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2/8/2019 1:27 PM
Super-Pawl wrote:

With all due respect I ...more

Who negged this? The op’s idea is dumb. The bike is more likely to get stolen after a week than it is to work out well.

I both ride a dagger and have a daughter (who rides a correctly sized fit complete).

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screamingtiger screamingtiger
2/8/2019 1:39 PM
Super-Pawl wrote:

With all due respect I ...more

JPC wrote:

Who negged this? The op’s ...more

I negged it.

1) I live in Nebraska, not shit ass filthy crime riddled New York. if you're bike gets stolen around here you basically let it happen and left it out for days.
2) Perhaps my kid learns faster then yours? (not to be insulting, just saying)

Im more concerned about the geometry then the size, she has a 20" already its just not strong enough for the jumps she does on the BMX track.

Besides, it gives me another bike I can ride as well if she gets tired of it when she is older.

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