S&M Cymbal-hubguards + Shadow Optimized FC/Symbol wheels

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6/10/2017 5:40 PM


I have the Shadow Optimized Free-coaster hub & the Shadow Symbol front hub. They both come with push fit hubguards. However, I ride steel pegs and way prefer Chromo hub-guards to plastic ones.

Shadow don't make a chromo upgrade and describe the existing plastic one's as "proprietary", (which I interpret as being specific to the exact hubs). However, S&M's "UNIVERSAL" cymbal guards appear to have so much room at the back that I fail to see how they wouldn't fit.

If anyone knows if there would be any complications with installing the guards on my hubs I would really appreciate it: too loose, too wide, idk...? Alternatively, if anyone knows that it'll work out fine please lemme know.

Thanks in advance.



6/10/2017 6:05 PM

Only issue I foresee is the S&M guards adding too much space in between the fork dropouts, making you have to stretch your dropouts to fit it in there. Especially if you're gonna get 2 of them.

I'd say try Daily Grind guards. They're press fit and in my opinion the best front hub guards available. I trashed my S&M guard in the front, but my Daily Grinds are still going strong. I have the Shadow Raptor front hub and they fit perfect with no spacers so I'd assume they'd fit the Symbol hub as well but can't say for certain.


6/11/2017 9:20 PM

When I ran pegs, the S&M guard definitely took up lots of room, I'd go for a different metal guard just so you don't blow all that money on the S&M.


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