S&M widemouth or widemouth XL2

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7/29/2016 8:35 PM

I'm not sure which to go with. I'm about to order forks and new bars. Would the xl2 just make the bars sit higher? I'm already planning on going with some 10" rise bars. I'm 6ft. Sorry for the moon questions. I just don't wanna buy the wrong stuff.


7/29/2016 9:11 PM

Also do you think 10" of rise is too much? I can get 9" which will still be 1" taller than what came on my complete, but they def feel to low.


7/29/2016 10:35 PM

The widemouth have more tyre clearance, pretty sure the axle to crown length is the same as the xlt's. They're basically exactly the same but wider to accommodate wider tyres.

From my own personal experience, 9" with a topload felt a touch too high. I'm also 6', but I grew up riding when small bars were cool so that's what I'm used to. 10" seems unnecessary, but it's personal preference really. I'd get 9", but chuck a few spacers under your stem (seeing as you'll have plenty of steerer on the new forks) then you can play around with height until it feels comfortable. You could have an inch worth of spacers so they feel like 10", if it's too high, move the spacers around. Going from low bars, the 9" will feel massive until you're used to them as it is, and I'd be worried that 10" would be going from one extreme to the other


7/30/2016 1:39 AM

The widemouth xl was made for frames with taller ht's like the tallboy and fit hoodbird, and bonesaw, personally i got the xl forks and i have a tallboy and i cut mine down to sit stem flush cause no reason to have bars that high. Go with the regular widemouths and a set of 9's if its comfortable to you. I personally dont like my bike feeling like a scooter.


7/30/2016 6:53 AM

K thanks I'll go with the 9" and the regular wide mouth forks.


7/30/2016 5:13 PM

Appreciate it guys. Ordered the widemouth and 9" S&M FU bars, Odyssey boss grips, and Odyssey Mpegs