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7/13/2008 4:20 AM

i just got the a SHADOW CONSPIRACY Seat Pivotal Sher and SHADOW CONSPIRACY Seat post and i am not shore how to fit tham together any help will be appreciated smile


7/13/2008 5:30 AM

is the seat post pivotal?


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7/13/2008 8:53 AM



7/13/2008 9:47 AM

theres a bolt hidden under a flap in the middle of the top of the seat and that screws threw the seat and into the top of the post, use the ridges to adjust the seat angle to your likeing and then bolt it down with an alllen


7/13/2008 9:53 AM

put the bolt in the seat into the bolthole in the post stick an allen wrench into the seat and tighten the bolt


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7/13/2008 1:07 PM

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