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11/20/2013 9:07 AM

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2013 Golden Crank Award Finalists
November 10, 2013 by BMXNEWS.COM Editors · Comments Off

2013 USA BMX Golden Crank Award Finalists

With 16 days til we leave for Tulsa, thousands of BMXers are training up for the biggest race of the year (and likely, the biggest BMX race of all time). As sprints, squats and starts are happening from South Beach to Squamish, USA BMX is prepping a show for the fans that will surely be one for the history books.

Part of that special stuff is a Saturday Night Spectacular where the 2013 USA BMX Pro titles will be decided and, laced into the action, the much-anticipated Golden Crank Awards will be announced.

Voting started early last month, and ended just as the last of the Trick Or Treat candy was handed out on October 31. Since then, the data crunchers in Arizona have been hard at work to tally tens of thousands of votes that came in from licensed USA BMXers of all ages.

When it all boiled down to gravy, they ended up with the winners in each of the four classes (Pro, Rookie Pro, Bike and Team). To get the anticipatory adrenaline going, the top five in each class were released.

(Listed alphabetically, links will open in a new window)


Connor Fields – Chase BMX
Nic Long – Haro
Alise Post – Redline
Carley Young – Kid DynaMite
Sam Willoughby – Redline

Rookie Pro

Dani George – Supercross BMX
Josh Klatman – Redline
Austin Loebe – Answer – Rennen
Justin Posey – Dan’s Comp
Tanner Sebesta – Ssquared – Answer

Bike of the Year

Standard Byke
Supercross BMX

Team of the Year

Answer – Rennen
Redline Challenge
Ssquared – Answer
Supercross BMX
OK, so now you know if your picks made the final cut. Get those signs made for when you’re in the stands. Our cameras want to see hundreds of ‘em waiving! And if your pick didn’t make it, time to line up behind one of the 20 who did–kind of like after your team busts out in the regular season, and you have to back someone for the playoffs.

Our 2013 USA BMX Grand National coverage starts Tuesday, November 26, and continues at maximum wattage til the final photo of the final main is posted. Keep it here!

Download the PDF below for the info on the 2013 USA BMX Grand National (including practice times and event