Saddle query from an old-timer

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9/29/2016 12:53 PM

Alright fellas,

So I bought a bike to get back into riding (having not ridden since the late 90s), but the saddle it's come with is seriously uncomfortable. I know we tend to stand whilst riding most of the time, but this seat is so uncomfortable I'll never be sitting at this rate.

I think it would be ok if I could adjust the angle, but it's fixed. It seems the seat is just wedged onto the seat post. There are no bolts or fixings. Essentially the seat and post are a single unit. I guess it's a cheap option that saves money when at the manufacturing stage.

So I was looking at saddles online, but I can't make sense of them. The last time I rode all the bikes seats had rails and those fiddly brackets to clamp onto the rails. Now everything seems to be "pivotal", what ever that means?!

Can you please explain the pivotal thing and maybe recommend a few seats that are nice and comfy but not too expensive.



9/29/2016 1:27 PM

A pivotal seat has a bolt through the centre, accessible through a rubber patch in the top of the seat. This bolt threads directly into the top of the post. The seat has teeth on the bottom that engage on teeth on the top of the post, there's enough room and teeth to be able to change the angle of the seat. I'm sure a Google image search of a pivotal seat and sort will make that description a bit clearer!
They work really well, I've never had a problem with them, just make sure you've got a fairly long 6mm Allen key so you can tighten the bolt. I've never thought about comfort when buying a seat so I can't really give a recommendation, but as you say the angle is probably the main issue with your current one


9/29/2016 2:00 PM

Cheers Steve. Since posting this, I had a google image search and you're right, that makes it all make sense. Certainly looks like a simpler design that the old seat mounting bracket things I'm used to (

I had a look on chain reaction cycles and for about £20 I can get a post and chunky looking seat, so I'll probably go for something like that.


9/29/2016 2:09 PM

Check out the Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo seat. They make slim and fat versions. As you said, we don't sit much while riding, but when you do it doesn't get more comfortable than a Tree. I've tried several different seats and I always come back to them.


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9/29/2016 2:10 PM

Thanks TKeck. Will check them out.


9/29/2016 2:26 PM

Yep! Tree Ergo seat is THEE most comfy bmx seat out right now.